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January 6 - Harold II. Godwinson is crowned King of England the day after the death of Edward the Confessor. March - Halley's Comet is observed and later depicted on a tapestry from Bayeux. September 20 - Raid by Tostig Godwinson and Harald Hardraada on the east coast of England (Riccall, south of York). In the Battle of Fulford, Tostig and Harald defeated the early Anglo-Saxon Edwin and Morcar. September 25 - King Harold II of England. Godwinson defeated the combined forces of Tostig Godwinson and Harald Hardraada in the Battle of Stamford Bridge. September 28 - Norman Occupation: William the Conqueror, Duke of Norman, lands in the south of England. October 14 - In the Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror defeats the Anglo-Saxon army of Harold II. Godwinson. The Normans take control of England. December 25 - William the Conqueror is crowned King of England. December 30 - Massacre in Granada: A mob of Muslims breaks into the royal palace in Granada, crucifying the Jewish vizier Josef ibn Naghrel and massacring the majority of the Jewish population.


? - Henry of Burgundy, Count of Portugal, founder of the Portuguese line of the Burgundian family, father of the first Portuguese king Alfonso I. († 1112) ? - Judita Grojčská, Czech princess, daughter of Wrocław II. († December 17, 1108) ? - Irena Dukaina, wife of the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Komnen († 19 February 1123)


January 5 - Edward III Confessor, penultimate Anglo-Saxon king (* about 1004) September 25 at the Battle of Stamford Bridge Tostig Godwinson, Earl of Northumbria (* 1026?) Harald Hardraada, the last Norwegian Viking king (* 1015) October 14 - Harold II. Godwinson, the last Anglo-Saxon king, at the Battle of Hastings (* ca. 1022) ? - Stenkil, King of Sweden (* 1028)

Heads of State

Czech Principality - Wroclaw II. Pope - Alexander II. Holy Roman Empire - Henry IV. Kingdom of England - Edward III Confessor / Harold II. Godwinson / William I. The Conqueror Kingdom of Aragon - Ramiro I. Barcelona County - Ramon Berenguer I. Old Duchy of Burgundy - Robert I. Old Byzantine Empire - Constantine X. Dukas Kingdom of Denmark - Sven II. Estridsen Kingdom of France - Philip I Kievan Rus - Izjaslav I. Yaroslavich Kingdom of Castile - Sancho II. Strong Kingdom of Leon - Alfonso VI. Brave Kingdom of Navarre - Sancho IV. Kingdom of Norway - Harald III. Hardrada / Magnus II. Haraldsson Polish Principality - Boleslav II. Bold Kingdom of Scotland - Malcolm III. Kingdom of Sweden - Stenkil / Erik (VII.) Stenkilsson x Erik (VIII.) Pagan Kingdom of Hungary - Solomon



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