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the oldest preserved depiction of the St. Wenceslas eagle (a black eagle surrounded by red flames in a silver field) on the seal of Přemysl Otakar I. founded the Dutch Cistercian monastery Aduard Joritomo Minamoto was formally appointed the first shogun of Japan by Emperor Gotoba and thus founded a new, feudal period in Japanese history: the Kamakura shogunate (until 1333 - but the dualism of the emperor and shogun continued until 1867)


? – Juliana of Liège, Catholic saint (d. April 5, 1258) ? – Blanca, Lady of Guadalajara, Portuguese Infanta († November 17, 1240) ? – Maud Marshal, Anglo-Norman noblewoman (d. March 27, 1248)


April 28 – Conrad of Montferrat, Italian nobleman, leading participant in the Third Crusade and king of Jerusalem by marriage (* ca. 1145) May 8 – Otakar IV. Styria, Duke of Styria (* 19 August 1163)

Heads of State

Czech Principality - Wenceslas II. » Přemysl Otakar I. Holy Roman Empire - Henry VI. Staufsky Pope - Celestyn III. Kingdom of England - Richard I The Lionheart Kingdom of France - Philip II. August Principality of Poland - Casimir II. Righteous Kingdom of Hungary - Béla III. Kingdom of Sicily - Tancred I Kingdom of Castile - Alfonso VIII. Castilian Duchy of Austria – Leopold V. Babenberg Kingdom of Scotland - William the Lion Byzantine Empire - Isaac II. Angelos

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