November 12


December 3, 2021

November 12 is the 316th day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (317th in the leap year). There are 49 days left until the end of the year.



1420 - The Hussite army led by Jan Žižka conquers Prachatice. 1872 - Bedřich Smetana completes work on his fourth opera Libuše. The opera was originally intended for the intended coronation of Emperor Francis Joseph I by the Czech king. 1885 - Operation of the Prague Podolská waterworks processing filtered Vltava water begins. Drinking water began to be introduced into the houses and public fountains gradually began to disappear from the streets. 1891 - The first performance of the quartet, which was composed by Professor Hanuš Wihan of conservatory students Karel Hoffmann, Josef Suk, Oskar Nedbal and Otto Berger. The following year, he started using the name Czech Quartet. 1918 - In a plebiscite organized by the American National Council of Hungarian Ruthenians, two-thirds of the voters vote for union with Czechoslovakia. 1948 - Trams were terminated in Jihlava. 1949 - The Czechoslovak government bans church marriages. 1952 - The Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences is founded. 1960 - Antonín Novotný makes a presidential pledge again. However, due to the new constitution, after his re-election, he promised "loyalty to the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the cause of socialism." 1964 - Antonín Novotný, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, was elected President of the Republic for the third time. 1965 - Premiere of the Czechoslovak black and white film The Love of a Blonde by Miloš Forman. 1979 - The operation of the Motol-Vypich tram line is terminated. 1989 - Pope John Paul II. he canonized Agnes of Bohemia. 2008 - The Czech Republic becomes the 18th member of the European Space Agency. 2014 - After long-term criticism, the Minister of Transport Antonín Prachař resigned.


0607 - Death of Boniface III. his pontificate ends. He will be replaced by Boniface IV. as the 67th Pope 1330 - The victory of the Wallachian prince Basarab I over King Charles Robert of Hungary ends the four-day battle of Posada. 1920 - Representatives of Italy and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes sign the Rapallo Treaty of Common Border. 1923 - Adolf Hitler is arrested after a failed coup to overthrow the German government (beer coup) in Munich. 1927 - Leo Davidovich Trotsky is expelled from the Soviet Communist Party, giving Stalin almost unlimited power over the Soviet Union. 1936 - The 17.2-kilometer Bay Bridge complex is opened in San Francisco. 1944 - The German battleship Tirpitz is sunk by a Royal Air Force raid. 1948 - A Tokyo tribunal sentences seven Japanese military and government officials, including General Hideki Tojo. 1954 - After 12 million immigrants pass through Ellis Island in New York Harbor since 1892, the immigration center closes its gates and is turned into a museum. 1970 - Cyclone Bhola hits the Ganges Delta in East Pakistan, killing 500,000 people. 1980 - The Voyager 1 spacecraft approaches Saturn the most during its flight and takes pictures of its rings for the first time. 1982 - Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov becomes Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee after the death of Leonid Brezhnev. 1991 - More than 250 protesters are killed by the Indonesian army during a student massacre in Dili, the capital of East Timor. 2015 - 43 people die in a terrorist attack in Beirut, Lebanon. 2017 - An earthquake measuring 7.3 on the border between Iraq and Iran killed around 530 people.


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1751 - Johann Nepomuk Grün, abbot of the Strahov monastery († January 20, 1816) 1806 - Josef Jaroslav Langer, journalist and poet († April 28, 1846) 1860 Rudolf Dvořák, founder of Czech Oriental studies († 1 February 1920) Otmar Vaňorný, translator

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