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March 10 – Great privilege of the Czech Church April 24 – the so-called Golden Bull of Ondřej II was issued.


January 16 – Nichiren, Buddhist monk (d. October 13, 1282)


March 10 – Jan I Sverkersson, King of Sweden (* 1201) June 23 – Constance of Aragon, Queen of Hungary, Germany, Sicily and Holy Roman Empress (* 1179) August 2 – Raymond VI. of Toulouse, son of Count Raimond V of Toulouse (* 27 October 1156) August 12 – Vladislav Jindřich, Moravian Margrave from the Přemyslov family (* 1160) ? – Theodoros I Laskaris, Emperor of Nicaea (* ca. 1174)

Head of State


On the territory of today's Czech Republic and Central Europe

Holy Roman Empire - Frederick II. Czech Kingdom - Přemysl Otakar I. Duchy of Bavaria - Louis I of Bavaria Duchy of Saxony - Albrecht I Archbishopric of Trier - Theodoric II. County of Württemberg - Hartmann I. - Louis III. Archbishopric of Mainz - Siegfried II. from Eppstein Margrave of Meissen - Henry III. Sublime County of Thuringia - Henry III. Sublime Principality of Poland - Lešek I. Bílý Kingdom of Hungary - Andrew II.


Papal State - Honorius III.


Kingdom of Croatia - Andrew II. Kingdom of Serbia - Stephen I the First Crowned Bosnian Banat - Andrew II. Latin Empire - Robert I Despot of Epirus - Theodoros Komnenos Dukas

Western Europe

Kingdom of France - Philip II. August Kingdom of Denmark - Valdemar II. Victorious Kingdom of England - Henry III. Plantagenet Duchy of Brabant - Henry I of Brabant Duchy of Lorraine - Henry I of Brabant

Northern Europe

Kingdom of Sweden - Jan I. Sverkersson, after his death Erik XI. Swedish Kingdom of Norway - Haakon IV. Norwegian Kievan Rus - Yuri II. Vsevolodovich

Middle East and North Africa

Nicaean Empire - Theodoros I. Laskaris - John III. Dukas Vatatzés Sultanate of Romania - Kajkubat I.

Far East and Asia

Cumans - Kuthen Khorezm Empire - Jaladdin Mingburnu Mongol Empire - Genghis Khan Sultanate of Delhi - Shamsuddin Iltutmish Empire of Japan - Go-Horikawa Chinese Empire - Ningcung (Sung) Korjo – Gojong Korean

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