October 13


October 25, 2021

October 13 is the 286th day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (287th in the leap year). There are 79 days left until the end of the year.



1601 - During his stay in Prague, the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe dined with Petr Vok in the palace on Hradčanské náměstí, and died less than two weeks later. 1754 - The first draw of the newly established state lottery took place in Prague 1781 - Emperor Joseph II. issues the so-called Tolerance Patent - declares unlimited religious freedom. 1870 - Ten-year-old Gustav Mahler performs in Jihlava at his first piano concerto 1903 - The operation of the steam tram was started in Bohumín, on this occasion the operation of the horse tram was terminated 1929 - The first radio broadcast from the Velká Pardubická race 1932 - Premiere of the second film Voskovec and Werich Money or Life again directed by Jindřich Honzl 1933 - Premiere of the play Voskovec and Werich Donkey and Shadow at the Liberated Theater 1939 Premiere of the Czech film The Feast of Creditors with Jaroslav Marvan in the lead role Premiere of the Czech film Another Air by director Martin Frič 1990 Film director Jiří Svoboda was elected chairman of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia At the Civic Forum Assembly, Václav Klaus was elected chairman by secret ballot. He received 115 votes, only 52 against Martin Palouš 1999 - After a year, the European Commission again criticized the Czech Republic: in its 1999 report, it stated that the Czech Republic's preparations for accession to the European Union were slow.


0054 - The Roman emperor Claudius was mortally poisoned by his wife Agrippina. Her 17-year-old son Nero became the new Roman emperor. 0106 - Emperor Trajan conquered the barbaric kingdom of the Dacians (present-day Romania) and annexed them to the Roman Empire as a province of Dacia 0409 - Vandals and Alani crossed the Pyrenees and invaded Spain (Spain) 1213 - The Bishop of Liege Hugh Pierrepont and Luis II, Count of Leuven, defeat the Duke of Brabant, Duke Henry I, at the Battle of Steppes. 1307 - Thousands of members of the Order of the Templars were ordered by King Philip IV of France. Sličného thrown into prison. He called the Templars heretics, imprisoned the Order's leaders, and began confiscating their vast possessions. 1399 - Coronation of Henry IV. King of England at Westminster Abbey 1552 - Ivan IV. Terrible conquered Kazan, the beginning of the expansion of Moscow Russia. 1792 - The foundation stone of the White House is laid in Washington. 1809 - On the eve of the signing of peace with Austria in Schönbrunn near Vienna, the assassination attempt by theology student Friedrich Staps on Emperor Napoleon I is thwarted. 1917 - A miracle of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ and St. Josefa. 1933 - The Land Assemblies of the two Mecklenburg countries, under Nazi pressure, decide to unite the two countries on January 1, 1934. 1965 - The London band The Who recorded the most famous song My Generation. 1972 - Flight wrecked (heading from Montevideo, Uruguay to Santiago, Chile) in the Argentine Andes. A Uruguayan rugby team traveled on board. Out of a total of 45 people, 29, including the crew, did not survive. This white hell lasted for the 72 surviving 72 days. 1995 - Windows 95 is launched.



1806 - Peter Wucherer, Austrian and Czech civil servant and politician († March 17, 1877) 1837 - Rudolf Mayer, poet († August 12, 1865) 1838 - Ludwig Schlesinger, Austrian and Czech historian and politician († December 24, 1899) 1850 - Theodor Altschul, Prague German physician-hygienist († October 6, 1918) 1863 - Josef Merhaut, writer († September 5, 1907) 1868 - Anton Dietl, Czechoslovak politician of German nationality († May 5, 1945) 1875 - Eduard Kavan, Czechoslovak politician († July 30, 1935) 1876 ​​- Karel Sezima, Czech writer († December 14, 1949) 1878 - Here

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