October 14


October 25, 2021

October 14 is the 287th day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (288th in the leap year). There are 78 days left until the end of the year.



1374 - Ota Brandenburg confirms the distribution of the Czech debt of Charles IV. for several installments 1584 - The Gregorian calendar came into force in Moravia, about 10 months later than in Bohemia. 1742 - In the battle of Kadaň, the vanguard of the Theresian army defeated the vanguard of the Second French Army, Marshal Marquis Maillebois, and thwarted the rescue of Marshal Belle-Isl's army from blocked Prague. 1787 - The originally announced premiere of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni in Prague on October 14 had to be moved to November 29 1848 - The Imperial Court of Ferdinand I took refuge in Olomouc, where he sought protection from the revolution. Olomouc was then a powerful military fortress. 1883 - Premiere of Antonín Dvořák's Violin Concerto in A minor in Prague with soloist František Ondříček, who began his tour of European cities in the Prague Rudolfinum. He was accompanied by the orchestra of the National Theater conducted by Mořic Angr. 1918 General strike organized by the Socialist Council to protest the export of food and goods to Austria. An action committee was set up to manage it (B. Šmeral, J. Stivín, R. Bechyně, J. Stříbrný,…), which gave the strike political significance by declaring Czechoslovak independence, which took place in many places; the left-wing part of the committee tried to declare a socialist republic. The Austrian authorities managed the situation by deploying troops. Writer Franz Kafka contracted the Spanish flu in Prague. Already his body is weakened by TB, in the end he also got pneumonia. Edvard Beneš, as the secretary of the Czechoslovak National Council, in agreement with T. G. Masaryk, announced to the agreement states the establishment of a provisional Czech-Slovak government (September 26). The Czechoslovak National Council ceases to exist. 1922 - official registration of the Baník Ostrava team (then as SK Slezská Ostrava) 1949 - Archbishop Josef Matocha ordained František Tomášek bishop secretly and under dramatic circumstances in Olomouc. 1990 - Václav Klaus is elected Chairman of the Civic Forum. Left-wing groups, such as Obroda, etc., left the Civic Forum. 1999 - The leader of the French extremists Jean-Marie Le Pen arrived in the Czech Republic and met the leader of the Czech extremists Miroslav Sládek. 2006 Premiere of the English musical Andrew Lloyd Webber Josef and his amazing multicolored cloak at the Municipal Theater in Brno During the first league match against Reading, goalkeeper Petr Čech suffered a skull fracture in the first minute, during a collision with Stephen Hunt, who unhappily hit him with his knee. Upon his return, Petr Čech began wearing a helmet. 2014 - A schizophrenic released from psychiatric care killed a primary school pupil in Žďár 2015 - Scientists from the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Ondřejov uncovered the mystery of the Benešov superbolid, a very bright meteor from 1991. According to orbital calculations, they found remnants of a meteorite that hit Earth twenty years ago. 2017 - Premiere of the original Czech opera Jan Jakub Ryba by composer Miroslav Kubička. Kubička wrote the world opera on the opera of the Josef Kajetán Tyl Theater


0530 - Dioscuros ends up as a Catholic defiant pope opposite Boniface II. 1066 - Battle of Hastings: William the Conqueror's army defeats the English army, King Harold II of England falls in battle. 1322 - Robert Bruce of Scotland defeats King Edward II. English at Old Byland, and forced him to accept Scottish independence 1468 - Duke Charles Bold and captured King Louis XI of France. they concluded a disgraceful agreement from Peronne 1492 - Christopher Columbus leaves San Salvador and arrives in Santa Maria of Concepcion (Bahamas) 1586 - Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland is brought to justice for a conspiracy against Al

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