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The year 1431 (MCDXXXI) of the Gregorian calendar began on Saturday, January 1, and ended on Saturday, December 31. According to the Jewish calendar, the turn of 5191 and 5192 took place, according to the Islamic calendar 852 and 853.


Pope Martin V convenes the Basel Council (but dies before it begins). Crusade against the Hussites led by Sigismund of Luxembourg. Founded the universities of Caen and Poitiers. August 14 - The Battle of Domažlice marked the victory of the Hussites over the Crusades. As a result, the Hussites were eventually invited to a hearing at the Council of Basel. October 15 - The Basel Council, led by Cardinal Cesarini, invites Czech Hussites to a hearing. The Portuguese discover the Azores on their voyages of discovery.

Ongoing events

1405–1433 - Cheng Chea Cruises 1419–1434 - Hussite wars 1431–1445 - Basel-Ferrara-Florence Council


January 1 - Alexander VI, Pope († 1503) Vlad III. Tepes, Prince of Wallachia († 1476) Andrea Mantegna, Italian Renaissance painter († 1506)


February 20 - Martin V., 206th Pope (* 1368) May 6 - Boleslav I. Těšínský, Prince of Těšín (*?) May 30 - John of Arc, French warrior and saint (* January 6, 1412) August 13 - Joland of Bar, Queen of Aragon as the wife of John I (* 1364) November 1 - Nuno Álvares Pereira, Portuguese nobleman, military leader and saint (* 1360) ? - Li Caj, Chinese painter, calligrapher and poet (*?)

Heads of State

Czech Kingdom - Anarchy Holy Roman Empire - Sigismund of Luxembourg Pope - Martin V. - Eugene IV. Kingdom of England - Henry VI Kingdom of France - Charles VII. Kingdom of Poland - Vladislav II. Jagello Kingdom of Hungary - Sigismund of Luxembourg Byzantine Empire - John VIII. Palaiologos

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