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1897 (MDCCCXCVII) was a year that began on Friday according to the Gregorian calendar.



Together with the establishment of the Czech National Social Party, a National Social Workers' Book Printer was established in Prague, the predecessor of Melantrich Publishing House. April - Badeni's language regulations issued. Czech has become an internal official language with German. All officials had to prove their knowledge of both languages ​​by 1901 - a disadvantage for the Germans, because every educated Czech could speak German. September 1 - During military maneuvers, Emperor Francis Joseph I visited Bystřice pod Hostýnem and the Hostýn pilgrimage site, where he laid the foundation stone for the construction of a lookout tower. The first car was produced in Kopřivnice - NW President July - A series of floods hit northern Bohemia and gave impetus to the construction of a system of dam reservoirs in the Jizera Mountains.


March - Elections to the Imperial Council November 30 - Paul Gautsch reigns (until March 5, 1898)


in Russia, the first and only census took place before the fall of the monarchy February: Greece occupies Crete March 4 - William McKinley becomes the 25th President of the United States May 13 - Italian physicist Guglielmo Marconi establishes the Telegraph Company and broadcasts at a distance of 15 km On June 22, celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria's government took place throughout the British Empire. On July 3, a huge ferris wheel was opened in Vienna's Prater Park. September - The First Zionist Congress is held in Basel. On September 20, Greece and Turkey signed a peace that ended the Greco-Turkish War. November 14 - Germany occupies the Chinese peninsula of Kiauzhou

Ongoing events

1881-1899 - Mahdi Uprising

Science and art

March 12 - The world premiere of the opera Fervaal takes place in Brussels. November 22 - The first feature film Hořice Passion Film was shot in the Czech Republic with an American production. It was an hour-long recording of monumental passion plays in Hořice na Šumavě J. J. Thomson discovered the electron Dutch doctor Christiaan Eijkman published the results of his research into the causes of beriberi. He discovered a substance in rice husks, the lack of which in an exclusively rice diet causes the disease. Thus, not only did he recognize beriberi as avitaminosis, but he was also the first to discover vitamins A. S. Popov set up radio stations on ships Africa and Europe and reached a distance of 5 km.


Charles May - Prince Oil Karel May - Christmas Vilém Mrštík - The Fairy Tale of May Bram Stoker - Dracula Jules Verne - Ice Sphinx Herbert George Wells - Invisible


November 29 - The first motorcycle race is held in Surrey, England



January 1 - Jiří Arvéd Smíchovský, Jesuit, Nazi and Communist collaborator († January 22, 1951) January 09 - Richard Zika, Czech violinist, composer and educator († November 10, 1947) January 10 - Bedřich Václavek, Czech Marxist aesthetician, literary theorist and critic († March 5, 1943) January 16 - Milada Želenská, Czech theater and film actress († September 28, 1974) January 22 - Josef Stanislav, pianist, composer and publicist († August 5, 1971) January 24 - Josef Vlach-Vrutický, Czech composer and conductor († September 18, 1977) January 27 Karel Lamač, founder of modern Czech cinematography († August 2, 1952) Karel Sup, Czech painter († March 20, 1973) February 02 - Roman Blahník, Czech composer, pianist and bandleader († December 22, 1966) February 12 - Břetislav Bakala, conductor and composer († April 1, 1958) February 15 - Růžena Jilemnická, Slovak writer of Czech origin († August 19, 1947) February 16 - Karel Lukas, resistance fighter, victim of communism

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