November 19


December 3, 2021

November 19 is the 323rd day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (324th in the leap year). There are 42 days left until the end of the year.



1622 - Francis of Dietrichstein issued a pardon general for the Moravian nobles, which meant that they were not executed, but the confiscation of property was not forgiven. 1805 - Napoleon's French army occupies all of southern Moravia, including the city of Brno. 1820 - European powers Austria, Prussia and Russia sign a protocol from the Opava Congress on the future of Europe. 1916 - Establishment of the Czech Union of Deputies at the Imperial Council and at the same time a supra-party National Committee. The activity of Czech deputies resulted in a constitutional declaration in May 1917, in which they demanded the transformation of the monarchy into a federal state of free and equal nation-states. 1938 - The National Assembly adopts a law on the autonomy of Slovakia and Subcarpathian Russia. The name of the state was changed to Czechoslovakia. 1957 - Antonín Novotný, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, is elected President. Once again, the highest party and state functions were concentrated in the hands of one person. 1963 - The first successful implantation of an artificial heart valve in Czechoslovakia was performed by Brno surgeons. They used a flap designed and made in Brno. 1989 - The Civic Forum is founded in the Prague Drama Club. 1994 - The second wave of so-called coupon privatization ends in the Czech Republic. In a short time, the one hundred billion state property found itself in the hands of new owners.


1493 - On his second voyage, Christopher Columbus landed as the first European on the island of Puerto Rico to name San Juan after John the Baptist. 1794 - The Jay's Treaty, signed after the US-British war, addresses post-war relations between the countries. 1816 - University of Warsaw is founded. 1824 - Thousands disappear during the great flood of St. Petersburg, when the Neva River overflows. 1863 - President Lincoln delivers his famous Gettysburg speech. 1926 - Trotsky and Zinoviev are expelled from the CPSU Politburo by Stalin. 1942 - World War II: At the Battle of Stalingrad, the Red Army, led by General Georgiy Konstantinovich Zhukov, launches a large-scale offensive operation, Uranus, which reverses the outcome of the battle in favor of the Soviet Union. 1946 - Afghanistan, Iceland and Sweden join the UN. 1962 - Todor Zivkov becomes the Prime Minister of Bulgaria. 1968 - Military coup in Mali. 1969 - Apollo 12 lands on the moon, astronauts Charles Conrad and Alan Bean come to the surface. 1999 - Test flight of the Chinese spacecraft Shenzhou 1.


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1752 - František Hantschel, eighth archdeacon in Horní Police († March 13, 1846) 1809 - Ludvík Ritter, Renaissance writer, composer and lithographer († June 6, 1858) 1814 - Ignác Hauschild, lawyer and politician († 3 December 1881) 1822 - Laurenz Hafenrichter, Roman Catholic priest of German nationality († March 5, 1898) 1832 - Herman of Tarda, High Representative of the Evangelical Church († March 15, 1917) 1841 - Franz Xaver Hauschwitz, bandleader and composer († August 6, 1917) 1844 - Johann Kiemann, lawyer and politician of German nationality, Member of the Czech Landtag († May 10, 1919) 1845 - František Schmoranz Jr., architect († 11 January 1892) 1847 - Jan Křtitel Marek, Roman Catholic priest and canon of the Metropolitan Chapter in Prague († September 18, 1913) 1848 - Josef Beigl, politician of German nationality and member of the Moravian Land Assembly († December 30, 1893) 1850 - Josef Hubáček, journalist († March 5, 1900) 1855 - Miloslav Pelíšek, Professor of Descriptive Geometry († November 6, 1940) 1859 - Filip Počta, geologist and paleontologist († January 7, 1924) 1860 - Josef Barth,

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