October 25, 2021

1926 (MCMXXVI) was a year that, according to the Gregorian calendar, began on Friday.


Czechoslovakia February 22 to May 18 - a Prague court convicted several groups of arsonists and fraudsters from the vicinity of Městec Králové (Kamilov, Sloveč, Velké Výkleky, Běrunice, Lovčice, Dlouhopolsko, Hradčany (Nová Báň), etc.), in the order of dozens of people, who in previous years, with the intention to lure in insurance benefits, set fire to or had their own real estate set on fire. March 5 - During the delivery of hand grenades from the ammunition depot in Hostivice to military garrisons in Prague by horse-drawn carriage, an explosion occurred in Truhlářská Street in the Old Town in front of House No. 12, killing two soldiers and injuring 69 people, six of them seriously . March 18 - The 8th Czechoslovak government of the republic (the second caretaker government) is appointed by President Masaryk after the departure of the Social Democrats and National Socialists from the agrarian-led government. June 2 - The first rugby match in Czechoslovakia took place in Brno. Slavia Brno played in it indecisively with the Wiener Amateure 12:12 team. HC Hradec Králové hockey club founded On October 12, at Prague Castle, the President of the Republic, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, appointed the 9th Czechoslovak (3rd Švehl) government, which ended the period of the cabinet of Dr. Jan Černý. October 28 - the foundation stone of the Bethlehem Chapel in Pilsen is laid January 26 - The lowest temperature in history in the northern hemisphere (−71 ° C) falls in the village of Ojmjakon in the USSR May 12 - The crew of the airship Norge was the first to demonstrably reach the North Pole establishment of the Learned Society of Šafaříkova in Bratislava Nationalist coup in Portugal Brazil and Germany became members of the League of Nations Benito Mussolini declares a fascist dictatorship with a one-party government Paris first television broadcast Turkey has abandoned the Islamic calendar

Science and art

February 16 - Janáček's Concertina (Ilona Štěpánová-Kurzová) premiered in Brno March 21 - In the Municipal House in Prague, Ilona Štěpánová-Kurzová performed the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Václav Talich in the premiere of Prokofiev's Third Piano Concerto in C major. April 1 - Czechoslovak Radio broadcasts the first time signal at noon, lasting 15 seconds May 2 - The first joint performance of Spejbl and Hurvínek November 11 - The first Czech performance of Alban Berg's opera Vojcek in Prague. The premiere was conducted by Otakar Ostrčil and was a huge success. Czechoslovak Radio started regular broadcasting the first attempts to use the thermal energy of the oceans Siemens created a square selector, which became the basis of many systems of many telephone exchanges.

Nobel Prize

for literature: Grazia Deledda (Italy) for medicine: Johannes Fibiger - for the discovery of experimentally induced tumor growth for physics: Jean Baptiste Perrin - problems of discontinuous structure of substances for chemistry: Theodor Svedberg - for work on dispersed systems for Peace: Gustav Stresemann and Aristide Briand - for their efforts to understand Europe



January 1 - Václav Bubník, Czechoslovak hockey representative († March 27, 1990) January 4 - Milan Mach, actor († May 20, 1995) January 10 - Jan Kocourek, biochemist, university educator and politician January 12 - Slavomír Bartoň, Czechoslovak hockey representative († January 16, 2004) January 17 - Vladislav Martinek, forest entomologist († April 8, 2005) January 18 - Ivo Mrázek, basketball player and coach († April 5, 2019) January 22 - Ota Hemele, Czechoslovak football representative († May 31, 2001) January 24 - Herta Huber, German writer January 29 Hynek Hlasivec, builder, bridge builder († July 11, 2011) Jiří Stano, writer (†

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