May 28, 2022

1927 (MCMXXVII) was a year that, according to the Gregorian calendar, began on Saturday.


Czechoslovakia May 27 - President Masaryk's third election. July 14 - A law on the organization of political administration is passed in Czechoslovakia, which means a fundamental territorial administrative reform; The countries (Czech, Moravian-Silesian, Slovak and Subcarpathian) became the basis of the division. May 22 - Earthquakes in Nanshan Province, China kill 200,000 people. July 15 - More than 600 people are injured in clashes between paramilitary groups and police in Austria. August 23 - Anarchists Ferdinando Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti are executed. May - US pilot Charles A. Lindbergh is the first person in the world to fly across the Atlantic Ocean without a stopover (Long Island-Paris route), the flight lasted 33 hours and 29 minutes. September 30 - The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions is established. The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Sergei, signs the church's absolute loyalty to Soviet power. The faces of the four American presidents began to form into the rock massif. Australia is relocating its capital from Melbourne to Canberry.

Science and art

October 6 - The ceremonial premiere of the first sound film, the so-called talkie, Jazz Singer, in which 290 words were heard and lasted 89 minutes with songs. November 5 - Premiere of the play Voskovec and Werich Těžká Barbora at the Liberated Theater. November 22 Premiere of Gershwin's musical Funny Face in New York based on the libretto by her brother Iry Gershwin at the newly opened Alvin Theater The premiere of the ballet Bolero to the music of Maurice Ravel at the Paris Opera


November 29 - José Raúl Capablanca loses the title of world chess champion after losing to Alexander Aljechin.

Nobel Prize

for Literature: Henri Bergson (France) for medicine: Julius Wagner-Jauregg - for discovering the healing effect of malaria vaccination in patients with progressive paralysis. for physics: Charles Thomson Rees Wilson and Arthur Holly Compton for chemistry: Heinrich Otto Wieland - for elucidating the structure of bile acids and related substances for peace: Ferdinand Buisson and Ludwig Quiddeh



January 6 Karel Kyncl, reporter and journalist († April 1, 1997) Josef Vaniš, cameraman and photographer († February 12, 2009) January 07 - Milan Ryšavý, violinist, writer, historian and music organizer († February 3, 2016) January 08 František Kautman, literary historian and writer († June 18, 2016) Jana Hliňáková, Slovak actress working in the Czech Republic († after 1981) January 12 - Pravoslav Kneidl, librarian, bibliographer and literary historian († November 4, 2003) January 14 - Zuzana Růžičková, pianist and harpsichordist († September 27, 2017) January 15 Vladislav Klener, physician and director of the State Institute of Radiation Protection Karel Oliva, Polish linguist and lexicographer († August 22, 2005) January 16 Oldřich Daněk, playwright, writer, director and screenwriter († September 3, 2000) Břetislav Hartl, writer († November 21, 2010) January 19 - Bernard František Palka, Prior of the Premonstratensian Monastery in Nová Říše († 31 December 2015) January 20 - Milan Kubát, Minister of Electrical Engineering of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic († 2022) January 21 - Josef Hejzlar, art historian, sinologist, translator and publicist († January 4, 2012) January 27 Alena Karešová, actress († July 19, 2019) Milan Hübl, historian, university teacher, academic and politician († October 28, 1989) February 05 Pavla Horská, historian († December 28, 2021) František Živný, music composer († December 30, 2006) František Pacík, sculptor († August 14, 1975) February 08 - Zdeněk Zouhar, composer and musicologist († November 18, 2011) February 11 - Jaroslav Peprník, philologist February 12 - Věněk Šilhán, economist and politician († 9th k