December 3, 2021

1941 (MCMXLI) was the year that, according to the Gregorian calendar, began on Wednesday.


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Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia

On March 12, the D 41 Theater was closed by the Gestapo April 1 - The Gestapo arrests Lt. Col. Josef Balabán. May 13 - The Gestapo arrests Josef Mašín. May 17 - After six years, the publishing of the Young Announcer youth week is stopped. in september, the Větrník theater was founded by director Josef Šmíd September 18 - Eight people die in a railway accident in Brno-Židenice. September 28 - Reinhard Heydrich declares martial law and unleashes a wave of repression. September 29 - Protectorate Prime Minister Alois Elias is arrested. The construction of a chemical plant in Záluží near Litvínov has begun



January 22 - British and Australian troops conquer Tobruk.


February 11 - Erwin Rommel moves to Africa. February 17 - Bulgaria and Turkey sign a friendship agreement with Germany


March 11 - President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signs the Loan and Lease Act, which allows him to provide material support to any country important to American interests. March 29 - Battle of Matapan, the British defeat the Italian fleet.


April 1 - A military coup in Iraq led by Rashid Gajlan against the British presence. April 6 - Germany invades Yugoslavia and Greece. April 13 - Soviet-Japanese non-aggression pact signed. April 17 - Surrender of Yugoslavia. April 21 - Surrender of Greece. April 25 - Erwin Rommel invades Egypt.


May 7 - A German meteorological ship with secret documents about the Enigma encoder is detained near Iceland May 20 - German airborne troops attack Crete. May 24 - Battle of the Danish Channel, the ship Bismarck sank HMS Hood. May 27 - Bismarck sunk in the North Atlantic.


June 1 - Crete surrenders. June 8 - British and French troops invade Syria, three days later Syria signs an armistice June 22 - Operation Barbarossa begins, the Great Patriotic War begins. June 25 - The Russian Air Force bombs Finnish cities, Finland declares war on the USSR. June - The Germans occupy Vilnius.


July 12 The Soviet Union and the United Kingdom sign a mutual assistance agreement The Japanese have submitted an ultimatum to Vichy France demanding the de facto occupation of eight air and two naval bases in the French colony of East Indochina and Japan. July 16 Prince Konoe's Japanese 2nd Cabinet resigns. The Germans occupy Smolensk July 18 - Prince Konoe's new 3rd Cabinet takes over. July 25 - The Japanese declare a protectorate over Indochina, occupation and preparation of bases for an attack on Malaysia begin. July 26 - In response to the Japanese occupation of French Indochina, Roosevelt orders a freeze on Japanese assets in the United States. July 30 - USS Tutiula is damaged by Japanese bombers at Chongqing. The Japanese apologize for the mistake.


August 3 - Clemens August von Galen, Bishop of Münster, publishes details of secret Nazi euthanasia programs in his sermon and sharply condemns them August 4 - Roosevelt closes the Panama Canal for Japanese ships. August 14 - Atlantic Charter. August 24 Hitler ordered the euthanasia programs stopped. Britain and the Soviet Union invaded Iran to secure oil supplies


September 6 - Reinhard Heydrich issues a decree requiring all Jews over the age of 6 to wear the Star of David as a designation of origin. September 15 - Beginning of Fr.

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