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1942 (MCMXLII) was a year that began on a Thursday according to the Gregorian calendar.


Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia

March 21 - Oct. Václav Morávek, the longest-serving member of the Three Kings, died in a shootout with dozens of Gestapo agents May 27 – Jozef Gabčík and Jan Kubiš completed the mission of Operation Anthropoid and eliminated the Deputy Reich Protector and head of the RSHA, Reinhard Heydrich June 10 – the Nazis annihilated the village of Lidice near Kladno June 18 – seven paratroopers were killed hiding in the church of St. Cyril and Methodius (Adolf Opálka, Jozef Gabčík, Jan Kubiš, Josef Valčík, Josef Bublík, Jan Hrubý, Jaroslav Švarc) June 24 – the German Nazis exterminated and razed the settlement of Ležáky The cities of Děčín and Podmokly together with the municipality of Staré Město merged into one city with the common name Tetschen-Bodenbach, since 1947 Děčín.


January 1 - The United Nations Declaration is issued January 2 - The Japanese occupy Manila Frederick Joubert Duquesne was sentenced to 18 years in prison for spying for Germany January 11th Japan declared war on the Netherlands and invaded the Dutch East Indies The Japanese captured Kuala Lumpur January 19 – The Japanese begin their invasion of Burma January 20 - the Nazis decided at the Wannsee (Berlin) conference that the final solution to the Jewish question would be the liquidation of the Jews January 25 - Thailand declares war on the US and Great Britain January 26 – the first American troops moved to Europe 11 February – Operation Cerberus, a strong German squadron left Brest and sailed through the English Channel to North German ports February 15 – Singapore surrendered February 19 - The Japanese bombed Darwin, Australia February 26 - China's Honkeika coal dust explosion kills over 1,500 April 9 - The Japanese break the resistance of American troops on Bataan 4-8 May – Battle of the Coral Sea, the first battle of aircraft carriers May 6 - American forces surrender at Corregidor, Japanese take control of the Philippines 12-28 May - Second Battle of Kharkov May 26 - signing of the Anglo-Soviet agreement on mutual assistance for 20 years May 27 – assassination of Heydrich 4-6 June - Battle of Midway, overwhelming victory for the Allies 11.-16. June - naval operation Vigorous in the Mediterranean June 21 - Erwin Rommel captures Tobruk June 27–24 July – Battle of Voronezh August 5 – Great Britain withdraws its signature under the Munich Agreement August 7 – American forces land on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands and occupy the airfield that the Japanese have painstakingly built there. The Battle of Guadalcanal begins August 9 – Battle of Savo Island, first naval battle of the Battle of Guadalcanal. The US Navy suffered one of the most crushing defeats in its history. August 19 – Raid on Dieppe, heavy Allied defeat with huge casualties August 24 – Battle of the Eastern Solomons October 9 - the combined air forces of the US and the UK conduct the largest daytime raid, the target is industrial facilities in Lille (France) October 11 - Battle of Cape Esperance October 16 – Hurricane and floods in Mumbai… About 40,000 dead October 21 – The US Congress passes the "Victory Tax", the largest tax bill in US history, 5% of all income over $624 October 23 - November 4 - Second Battle of El Alamein November 8 - Operation Torch, the landing of Anglo-American troops in the French colonies in North Africa November 10 – Germans begin occupation of Vichy France November 13 – The British under General Montgomery recapture Tobruk November 19 – The Red Army launched Operation Uranus December 2 - The Manhattan Project: Enrico Fermi's team carried out the first artificially induced nuclear chain reaction

Sciences and Arts

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