August 14, 2022

1962 (MCMLXII) was a year that began on a Monday according to the Gregorian calendar.


Czechoslovakia February 9 – Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister Rudolf Barák was dismissed from all his positions and expelled from the Communist Party for alleged violations of socialist legality. In 1964, he was subsequently sentenced to 15 years in prison by a military court. It was the result of behind-the-scenes political battles between Barák and Antonín Novotný. February 22 – the first section of the Družba pipeline bringing Soviet oil to the refinery in Bratislava was put into operation. April 12 – As a result of economic difficulties leading to the non-fulfilment of the 3rd five-year plan, the plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Czech Republic decided to reduce the tasks in industry and for 1963 establish only a transitional - annual plan. October 10 – 10 passengers and three crew members died in a plane crash near the village of Sokolnice in Brno. November 6 – The blasting of the J.V. Stalin monument on Prague's Letná was completed. 4-8 December – XII took place in Prague. KSČ convention. The main program points of the congress were the problems of the development of the Czechoslovak economy, which was going through a severe crisis during the 3rd Five-Year Plan period, and the issues of rehabilitation of persons affected by the contrived political processes of the 1950s. World January 1 – Samoa gains independence from New Zealand 2 January – Trevor Taylor in a Lotus wins the Cape Grand Prix January 9 - trade agreement between Cuba and the USSR concluded March 2 - Burma - Coup by General Ne Win, who announced the Burmese Road to Socialism program March 18 – France and Algeria sign a treaty ending the Algerian War July 1 - Rwanda and Burundi gain independence from Belgium. July 3 - Algeria declares independence September 1 - An earthquake in northwestern Iran destroys 100 villages and kills 12,230 in the rubble. Albania ceased to participate in the activities of the Warsaw Pact Mongolia joined the CSTO October 9 - Uganda gains independence from Great Britain. October 11 – Second Vatican Council begins October 14 - A U-2 spy plane flying over Cuba takes pictures showing that the USSR has installed nuclear missile launchers there. This was the beginning of the Caribbean crisis. October–November – Sino-Indian War – China occupies the disputed territory of Aksai Chin

Sciences and Arts

February 20 - John Glenn - First American astronaut (3rd American in space) to orbit the Earth Nick Holonyak Jr. at the University of Illinois in the USA he developed the first light emitting diode with a visible spectrum The Rolling Stones group was founded 1962–1965 the output of individual steam power plant blocks increases up to 500 MW; efficiency reaches 40%

Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize for Physics - Lev Davidovič Landau Nobel Prize in Chemistry - Max Perutz, John Cowdery Kendrew Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine - Francis Crick, James Dewey Watson, Maurice Wilkins Nobel Prize for Literature - John Steinbeck Nobel Peace Prize - Linus Pauling



January 15 – Jan Stejskal, footballer January 27 – Rudolf Suchánek, hockey player and coach February 2 – Ivan Ženatý, violin virtuoso and music teacher February 13 – Hynek Adámek, geographer, journalist, photographer and columnist February 23 – Ivo Knoflíček, soccer player March 7 – Roman Čada, actor March 31 – Michal Viewegh, writer and columnist April 3 – Jaroslav Benák, former ice hockey player May 6 – Radka Stupková, actress, dubber and author April 7 – Miroslav Wanek, poet, lyricist and musician April 8 – Radomír Šimůnek, cyclocrosser († 2010) May 16 – Taťána Kocembová, Czechoslovak and Czech athlete in running disciplines Vladimír Javorský, Czech actor May 16 – Ondřej Vetchý, actor May 18 – Karel Roden, actor June 4