August 13, 2022

1974 (MCMLXXIV) was a year that began on a Tuesday according to the Gregorian calendar.


Czechoslovakia January – In response to the declaration of 1974 as the year of the environment, the Brontosaurus event focused on activities in the field of environmental protection was realized under the patronage of the Czech Institute of Landscape Ecology and the magazine Mladý svět. 19-20 January – The founding convention of the Czechoslovak Women's Union was held in Prague. Marie Kabrhelová was elected president. January 20 – An avalanche buried a group of school ski training participants in the Mengusovská valley in the High Tatras. 12 people died. April 16 – In the Litoměřice Cathedral of St. Štěpán, the funeral of Litoměřice consecrating bishop Štěpán Cardinal Trochty was held, at which, despite the ban of the KSČ, Kraków Archbishop Karol Wojtyla, the later Pope of Rome St. John Paul II, spoke at the end. May 9 – Operation on the first section of the Prague metro was ceremoniously opened – on route I. C between Kačerov and Sokolovská (today Florenc) stations with a total length of 6.7 km. The opening ceremony was attended by the highest representatives of the party and the government, led by General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Czech Republic Gustáv Husák. The first section of the Prague metro was referred to as the Construction of Czechoslovak-Soviet Cooperation. On the same day, there were also other significant changes in Prague's public transport - the pre-war two-axle trams finally came to an end, a single non-transferable tariff was introduced, conductors disappeared from trams and buses, and in connection with the simultaneous construction of a new metro route, tram service between Hrdinů Square on Pankráci and Budějovice Square in Krč. June 6 – A bus carrying children on a school trip collided with the trailer of an oncoming truck near Podolínek in the Stará Ľubovňa district (Vychodoslovak region). The torn side of the trailer penetrated longitudinally into the bus at seat level and killed 9 children. July 1 – There was a significant expansion of the territory of the capital city of Prague. From the Prague-East and Prague-Západ districts, 30 municipalities with more than 60,000 inhabitants were annexed to Prague. residents. The largest connected municipalities were Horní Počernice, Radotín, Zbraslav and Uhříněves. The number of inhabitants of Prague increased to 1,150 thousand due to this administrative change. July 15 – The Federal Assembly approved the treaty on the normalization of relations between the Czechoslovakia and the NSR. July 19 – In the chemical plants of ČSSP in Litvínov – Záluží, a serious accident occurred in the gas separation equipment. The accident claimed 14 lives immediately, another 3 people died later in the hospital. August 14 – A huge fire broke out in the Trade Fair Palace in Prague 7 – Holešovice, which caused damage in the amount of 224 million CZK. A subsequent investigation determined the cause of the fire to be the spontaneous combustion of improperly stored fermage used by painters. The elimination of the fire lasted until August 20. September 12 – At the Prezident Gottwald mine in Horní Suché in the Karvinska region, after 6 o'clock in the morning, the hauling cable of the mine cage broke and the entire transport equipment fell free, stopping only a buffer grate below the level of the 4th floor. 8 miners died on the spot, the remaining 26 were injured. World The year 1974 was declared by the United Nations as the Year of the Environment. January 20 - The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon makes its maiden flight at Edwards Air Force Base, California. January 26 – Bülent Ecevit (CHP) formed the new Turkish government (37th government). February 1 – The Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur is declared a federal territory. Between the US states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania commissioned Commodore Barry Bridge over the Delaware. A fire broke out in the edificio Joelma skyscraper in São Paulo, Brazil: 177 dead