June 2


July 1, 2022

June 2 is the 153rd day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (154th in the leap year). There are 212 days left until the end of the year. Name-day is Jarmil.



1297 - Wenceslas II. was crowned King of Bohemia and his wife Guta Habsburg by the Czech Queen. 1358 - The Moravian Margrave Jan Jindřich of Luxembourg confirmed to Brno all the privileges granted by the previous rulers. 1541 - A fire destroys two thirds of the Lesser Town and the northern part of Prague Castle. Along with other documents, the Plates of the Land burned down at the castle - books that contained records of the proceedings of the Czech Provincial Court and the Assembly. 1585 - Emperor Rudolf II. he was accepted into the Order of the Golden Fleece together with his uncle Karel Styria and brother Arnošt. 1848 - The first Slavic Congress begins in the museum building in Prague, attended by 340 representatives of Slavic nations. Their task was to discuss the possibility of transforming Austria into a federal state and to determine the relationship of Slavs living in Austria to other Slavic nations. The congress was abruptly ended by the June Uprising (June 12). 1898 - The first proposal for the Prague metro was submitted to the city council by the businessman Ladislav Rott. In Europe at that time, the metro had only London and Budapest. 1945 - An agreement on the division of powers is concluded between the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic and the Presidency of the Slovak National Council. 1948 - President Edvard Beneš signed a letter to Czechoslovakia. government in which he announced his abdication. He understood that after the February coup he could only watch the communist dictatorship, without the possibility of influencing developments in the country. 2006 - Elections to the Chamber of Deputies took place. The ODS (35.4%) won, followed by the CSSD (32.3%), the KSCM (12.8%) and the KDU-CSL (7.2%). The Green Party entered parliament for the first time (6.3%).


0455 - The Vandals, led by King Geiserich, conquer and plunder Rome for 14 days 0575 - Benedict I becomes the 62nd Pope 0657 - Sv. Eugene I ends after three years as a Catholic pope, replaced by Vitalian 1098 - First Crusade: The first siege of the city of Antioch ends when the Crusaders have conquered the city. The second siege will begin in 5 years 1793 - French Revolution: 80,000 people besiege the National Convention and Girondist leaders are arrested. 1857 - James Gibbs of Virginia patents a single thread and chain stitch sewing machine 1896 - Guglielmo Marconi obtains a patent for his latest invention - the radio. 1937 - Alban Berg Lulu's opera premieres posthumously in Zurich. 1948 - The Israeli Defense Forces wins the first Kibbutz Negba battle. 1953 - Queen Elizabeth II is crowned Great Britain. 1964 - The Palestine Liberation Organization is founded. 1974 - The Luna 22 spacecraft becomes the Moon's satellite. 1983 The Venus 15 probe has started. A fire aboard a DC-9 Air Canada 797 flight (faulty toilet) killed 23 passengers. 2003 - The European spacecraft Mars Express launches to Mars.



1720 - Johann Franz Greipel, painter († April 4, 1798) 1751 - Karel Jan Rudzinsky, architect, explorer of the Moravian Karst († April 28, 1818) 1807 - Robert Führer, organist and composer († 28 November 1861) 1811 - Jan Váňa, coal discoverer in the Kladno region († June 27, 1864) 1819 - Karel Vrátný, music composer and writer († after 1873) 1834 - Tereza Stolzová, opera singer († August 22, 1902) 1836 Antonie di Giorgi, German writer from Prague († November 24, 1913) Josef Pražák, Member of the Czech Landtag († January 7, 1886) 1841 - Jan Tomáš, photographer († September 7, 1912) 1843 - Vilém Tierhier, architect and politician († January 26, 1908) 1855 - Karel Förster, violinist, organist and composer († June 14, 1921) 1884 - František Xaver Naske, painter, decorator and illustrator (