November 22


December 3, 2021

November 22 is the 326th day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (327th in the leap year). There are 39 days left until the end of the year.



1215 - The provost Ondřej of Prague became a bishop. He received episcopal ordination from the hands of Pope Innocent III himself. at the Fourth Lateran Council. 1848 - The Reichstag, whose session in Vienna was interrupted by the revolution, began its deliberations in the archbishop's castle in Kroměříž. 1897 - The first feature film, Hořice Passion Film, made in the Czech Republic, is made in Bohemia. It was an hour-long recording of monumental passion plays in Hořice na Šumavě 1905 - The Assembly of the Moravian Margraviate approved the so-called Moravian Pact, an agreement between representatives of Czech and German politics in Moravia on a new organization of public affairs in the country. 1938 The National Assembly adopted the Constitutional Act on the Autonomy of Subcarpathian Russia and the Constitutional Act on the Autonomy of the Slovak Lands. The Czech non-socialist parties and part of the National Socialist Party united to form the National Unity Party.


1220 - Pope Honorius III. crowned the Roman emperor Frederick II. for the promise to preserve ecclesiastical rights and to support the crusade. 1348 - Casimir III The Great and Charles IV. signed a peace treaty in Namysłów. 1943 - Lebanon gains independence from France. 1963 - US President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas. 1975 - After the death of General Franco, Juan Carlos I is proclaimed King of Spain. 1977 - British Airways introduces the London-New York Concorde supersonic aircraft. 1990 - Margaret Thatcher announces that she will not run for party leader and resigns as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom once a new candidate is elected. 2003 - In Tbilisi, Georgia, opponents of President Shevardnadze occupy the parliament building and demand his resignation. 2004 - In response to the rigging of the presidential election in Ukraine, the so-called Orange Revolution began, which resulted in a repeat election and Viktor Yushchenko's victory over Viktor Yanukovych. 2005 - Angela Merkel becomes the first woman chancellor of Germany.



1709 - František Benda, composer and violin virtuoso († March 7, 1786) 1824 - Jan Ludvík Lukes, opera singer († February 24, 1906) 1830 - Emanuel Trmal, lawyer and politician († 18 February 1914) 1835 - Josef Mocker, architect and restorer († January 16, 1899) 1840 - Karel Vraný, composer, choirmaster and choir director († May 6, 1874) 1844 - František Ringhoffer III., Czech and Austrian businessman, Member of the Czech Parliament († 23 July 1909) 1875 - Jindřich Haužvic, expert and forensic expert in the field of chemical production († October 18, 1943) 1849 Fritz Mauthner, German journalist, philosopher, poet and writer († June 29, 1923) František Bíza, illustrator († April 18, 1904) 1877 - Paul Wittich, Czechoslovak politician of German nationality († May 13, 1957) 1887 Záboj Bláha-Mikeš, music editor, organizer and composer († April 3, 1957) Leoš Kubíček, sculptor and carver († November 3, 1974) 1890 - Charles de Gaulle, French statesman, soldier, commander of the Army of Free France and later President of France († November 9, 1970) 1894 - Bohuslav Taraba, composer, painter, music writer and publisher († September 18, 1978) 1898 - Miroslav Josef Krňanský, film director, cinematographer, screenwriter and actor († August 20, 1961) 1913 - Drahomíra Šustrová, writer and historian († July 21, 2006) 1914 - Josef Cikán, soldier, member of Operation Glucinium († April 1, 1985) 1922 - Bohumil Pavlok, writer († January 16, 2002) 1923 - Jiří Zahradníček, opera singer, tenor († April 8, 2001) 1927 - Karel Kukal, scout a

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