June 23


July 1, 2022

June 23 is the 174th day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (175th in the leap year). There are 191 days left until the end of the year. Zdeněk has a holiday.



1197 - Vladislav Jindřich becomes Czech and Moravian ruler. 1866 - Prussian troops cross the Austrian border and invade Bohemia 1887 - The first public electric lighting of city-wide significance was put into operation in Písek as the first city in the Czech lands (however, František Křižík lit up Hybernská Street in Prague as early as 1882). 1920 - National riots break out in Jihlava between local Czechs and Germans. 1928 - President Masaryk visited Pustevny na Radhošti during the Midsummer fires, which were on all the hills, slopes and ridges of the Beskydy Mountains. The number of fires was estimated at 600. 1936 - Unveiling of a memorial plaque to President Masaryk at the Tanečnice Hotel in Pustevny. 1955 - The first nationwide Spartakiad began in Prague's Strahov. 1960 - II. nationwide spartakiad. 1983 - Representatives of the German Green Party meet with representatives of Charter 77. 1984 - The last twenty men from a group of gradually released 66 Czechoslovak citizens arrive in Prague and were captured in Angola on March 12, 1983 during a raid on a pulp mill complex in Alto Catumbela by terrorists from the Angolan anti-government movement UNITA led by Jonas Savimbi. 2009 - Floods began in the Czech Republic, claiming 13 lives. 2019 - On the Letna Plain in Prague, 250,000 people protested against the government of Andrej Babiš at the largest Czech demonstration since 1989.


1298 - King Adolf Nasavský of Rome is deposed in Mainz. Albrecht I of Habsburg was elected the new Roman king. 1565 - Great Siege of Malta: After a 29-day siege, the Turks conquer the fortress of St. Elmo. 1757 - The troops of the British East India Company defeat the combined forces of the Bengal Navajo and the French East India Company at the Battle of Palias. The battle paved the way for British dominance in India. 1894 - The International Olympic Committee is established in Paris at the initiative of Pierre de Coubertin. 1942 - The British acquire the dreaded Focke-Wulf Fw 190 fighter, Armin Faber lands in Wales after a duel with František Trejtnar 1948 - The Berlin blockade begins. 1972 - President Nixon tapes to talk about preventing an investigation into a burglary in the Watergate hotel complex. 1989 - Batman's film adaptation premieres in the United States. 1991 - Sega releases the first Sonic the Hedgehog game in North America. 1994 - Premiere of Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks 2006 - Singer Kevin Richardson leaves the popular band Backstreet Boys. 2015 - More than 1,000 people die as a result of a heat wave affecting Pakistan's Sindh province and its capital Karachi. 2016 - The people of the United Kingdom decided in a referendum to withdraw the United Kingdom from the European Union in a ratio of 52% to 48%.



1821 - Vilém Platzer, priest and politician († October 27, 1888) 1835 - Friedrich Nitsche, Member of the Czech Landtag and Imperial Council, Mayor of Vyšší Brod († December 4, 1923) 1836 - Erwin Dubský, nobleman, traveler and politician († 28 February 1909) 1872 - Jan Záhorský, Czechoslovak politician († October 22, 1951) 1876 ​​- František Čuřík, mathematician († June 7, 1944) 1877 - Pavel Jan Souček, abbot of the Premonstratensian canonry in Nová Říše († January 28, 1943) 1891 - Vladislav Vančura, writer († June 1, 1942) 1892 Alfred Fuchs, writer, journalist and translator tortured by the Nazis. († February 16, 1941) Jaromír Smutný, legionary, chancellor of President Edvard Beneš and diplomat († July 16, 1964) 1895 - Ladislav Komorád, legionary, fr