July 23


August 14, 2022

July 23 is the 204th day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (205th in a leap year). There are 161 days left until the end of the year. Libor has a holiday.



1748 – A provincial deputation for Bohemia was created, whose task was to transition to a new levy system. 1848 – A group of Prague businessmen founded the Kladen Coal Mining Company 1866 – Representatives of Austria and Prussia concluded peace in Prague. They had to agree to abolish the German Confederation and declare that Austria would not interfere in German affairs. Thus, the Habsburg Monarchy was forced out of the German Empire, where the dominance of Prussia asserted itself. 1891 – Air balloonist Surcouf made the first free balloon flight in Bohemia with a balloon Exhibition. He landed in a meadow near the Green Fox inn in Pankrác. 1923 – Karel Čapek comes to Jindřichov Hradec on vacation to finish the novel Krakatit. Čapek spent his vacation until September 3 together with his brother Josef's family 1938 - London asks the Czechs to give up the Sudetenland and thereby satisfy the Germans and there will be peace in Europe 1992 – In Bratislava, representatives of the Czech ODS and Slovak HZDS agreed on the dissolution of the Czechoslovak federation. 1998 – Extensive flooding, which was the result of torrential rains, affected parts of the districts of Rychnov nad Kněžnou and Hradec Králové. 7 citizens died, damages reached 1.8 billion crowns. 1999 – A year after the inception of the famous opposition pact between the ČSSD and the ODS, almost two hundred Czech intellectuals sign the Impulse 99 appeal, which criticizes all political parties for only engaging in "power games". The promising, developing citizens' initiative was lost. 2002 – The daily newspaper reported on the preparation of a murderous attack against the journalist Sabina Slonková, behind which Karel Srba, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was supposed to be behind. At the same time, a corruption scandal broke out in this institution.


0636 – Arabs gain control of most of Palestine from the Byzantine Empire. 0685 – John V became the 82nd Pope of Rome. 1290 – Archbishop Ladomér of Esztergom crowned Ondřej III in Belgrade. Hungarian king. Andrew III. he was the last king from the Árpád dynasty on the Hungarian throne. 1319 – Knights of St. John was crushed by the fleet of the Beylik of Ajdino in the battle near the island of Chios. 1813 – The British transformed the Malta Protectorate into a British Crown Colony. 1829 – William Burt patented the typewriter in the USA. 1903 – The first Ford automobile model, the Model A, was sold. 1926 - Fox Film purchased the patent for the Movietone system for recording sound on film. 1952 – King Farouk I was overthrown in a coup in Egypt. 1967 - The largest riot in US history broke out in Detroit (Michigan, USA). 1982 – The International Whaling Commission decided to end commercial whaling by 1985–1986. 1983 – "Gimli Glider": An Air Canada Boeing 767 ran out of fuel at an altitude of about 12,500 meters, after which the crew made a successful glider-like emergency landing. 2005 - Unknown terrorists carried out attacks in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. 2010 – Formation of One Direction. 2015 - NASA's Kepler Space Telescope discovers the first Earth-like exoplanet orbiting a Sun-like star in the habitable zone. 2021 – The 32nd Summer Olympic Games were inaugurated in Tokyo.


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1783 – Karel Chotek, nobleman and politician († December 28, 1868) 1827 – Albert Prochaska, businessman and writer († September 13, 1897) 1839 – Bernhard Sperk, veterinarian (d. February 2, 1912) 1840 – Emilie Fryšová, teacher, ethnographer and columnist († January 17, 1920) 1878 – Arnošt Dittrich, astronomer (died December 15, 19