May 28


July 5, 2022

May 28 is the 148th day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (149th in a leap year). There are 217 days left until the end of the year. It's Vilém's holiday.



1310 – Princess Eliška Přemyslovna escaped from Prague Castle disguised as an old woman. 1471 – Coronation of Matyáš Corvín as Czech king in Jihlava. 1942 – The Government of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia issued a decree on the establishment of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and issued a decree on the establishment of the Board of Trustees for the Education of Youth in Bohemia and Moravia. The chairman of this organization, which was supposed to educate Czech youth to cooperate with the German occupiers, was Minister Emanuel Moravec. 1945 – On the occasion of his 61st birthday, President Edvard Beneš held a parade of the Revolutionary Guards at the Castle. The march was led by the military commander of Great Prague, gen. Karel Kutlvašr, who was accompanied by members of the staff and the commander of the guerrilla units, Capt. Jaromír Nechanský. 1997 – The parties represented in the government (Civic Democratic Party, Civic Democratic Alliance, Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's Party) announced the Stabilization and Recovery Program. In it, the government coalitions admitted the gross mistakes they had made in economic policy and announced a series of recovery measures. 2002 – Czech under-21 footballers won the title of European champions in Switzerland. 2010 – elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic began.


0585 BC - A solar eclipse, predicted by Thales of Miletus, interrupts the Battle of the Halys River between the Lydians and Medes, who make peace after 6 years. 1037 – Holy Roman Emperor Konrad II. Salsky abolished the Constitutio the feudis, thereby recognizing the hereditary rights of idlers and thus laying the foundation for the creation of a strong German nobility. 1156 – King William I of Sicily defeats the Byzantine fleet at the naval battle of Brindisi 1533 – Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer declared the marriage of Henry VIII. and Anne Boleyn as valid, even though he declared it invalid 5 days ago. 1889 – The Michelin company was founded in France. 1893 – The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow was opened to the public. 1900 - Total Solar Eclipse (Mexico, SE USA, Portugal, Spain, ...) 1905 – The Naval Battle of Tsushima, part of the Russo-Japanese War, ends with the destruction of the Russian Baltic Fleet. 1918 – Armenia and Azerbaijan declare independence from the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic. 1926 - General Manuel de Oliveira Gomes da Costa and his army staged a military coup in Portugal, placing António de Oliveira Salazar at the head of the country, who established a dictatorship. 1934 – The first quintuplet, Dionna, was born in Canada to survive childhood. 1935 – First flight of the German Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter aircraft. 1937 Neville Chamberlain became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge officially opened; the day after opening for pedestrians only. 1940 – Belgium capitulated to the German invasion. 1961 – Amnesty International was founded in London. 1982 – John Paul II. he was the first Catholic Pope in history to visit the United Kingdom. 1987 - West German pilot Mathias Rust landed on one of Moscow's bridges. 1993 The Principality of Monaco was accepted as a member of the United Nations. Edmund Stoiber became the Bavarian Prime Minister. 1998 – In response to India's May 11 and 13 tests, Pakistan also carried out a series of underground nuclear explosions. 2006 They opened a new central station in Berlin. German-born Pope Benedict XVI visited Auschwitz during his tour of Poland. 2008 – A republic was declared in Nepal.



1761 – Maria Tadeáš from Trauttmansdorff, bishop of Hradec Králové, dru