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in the battle of Tolbiak, Chlodvík I. defeated the Alamanas. The last king of the Alamanni, Gibuld, was killed and the territory annexed to the Frankish Empire. part of the Iberian Peninsula conquered by the Western Goths

Heads of State

Pope - Gelasius I. (492–496) »Anastasius II. (496–498) Byzantine Empire - Anastasius I. (491–518) Frankish Empire - Chlodvík I. (481–511) Persian Empire - Kavád I. (488–496, 499–531) »Zámásp (496–499) Ostrogoths - Theodorich the Great (474–526) Visigoths - Alarich II. (484-507) Vandals - Gunthamund (484–496) »Thrasamund (496–523)

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