October 6


October 20, 2021

October 6 is the 279th day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (280th in the leap year). 86 days left until the end of the year.



1355 - King Charles IV. withdraws his draft of the Land Code at the St. Wenceslas Assembly 1419 - A unity of nobility, cities and some church leaders is formed, with the aim of maintaining peace in the country before the new monarch Sigismund of Luxembourg takes over 1879 - Czech deputies of the Imperial Council; composed of Old Bohemians, Czech Conservative nobility, Young Bohemians and Czech deputies from Moravia (part of the government majority, the so-called iron circle of the right) founded the Czech Club. 1923 - The Czechoslovak State Airlines, now known as the Czech Airlines, is founded. 1948 - The National Assembly passes a law to protect the republic, which allows the communist regime to step up the persecution of its critics and opponents. 1950 - A contrived political process begins with the hockey world champions, after which eleven champions from 1949 ended up behind bars. They even proposed the death penalty to Bubník and Modrý. 2006 - After 20 years, the D5 motorway (the so-called Pilsen motorway) connecting Prague with the border with Germany was completed. 2018 - Elections to municipal councils and a third of the Senate took place in the Czech Republic. Turnout exceeded 48 percent.


0105 BC - The Germans defeated the Roman army in the battle of Arausius. 0891 - Formosus becomes the 111th Catholic pope 1499 - King Louis XII of France began to claim the Duchy of Milan and therefore invaded Italy and occupied Milan, (the so-called second to fourth Italian War) 1600 - Premiere of the oldest surviving opera Euridice by Jacopo Peri, who himself sang the role of Orpheus 1683 - At the offer of William Penn, thirteen German Menonite families come to the area of ​​present-day Philadelphia. Their pastor, F. Daniel Pastorius, was considered by many to be the most educated man in the United States 1783 - American watchmaker Benjamin Hanks patents a tower clock that winds itself 1848 - An uprising breaks out in Vienna, and the next day most deputies leave the capital of the monarchy. This uprising was liquidated on November 1, 1848 by the conquest of Vienna 1889 - The most famous Moulin Rouge cabaret opens in Montmartre, Paris 1890 - The Mormon Church declares polygamy illegal in Salt Lake City 1908 - Austria-Hungary declares the annexation of occupied Bosnia and Herzegovina, originally a Turkish province. The Danube Monarchy obtained the consent of Tsarist Russia, which has traditionally power interests in the Balkans, by the Buchlovice Agreement of September 1908 1920 - Warsaw and Moscow sign an armistice after the last victorious battle of the Poles, the demoralized Red Army leaves Poland 1927 - The ceremonial premiere of the first sound film, the so-called talkie, Jazz Singer, in which 290 words and songs are heard and lasted 89 minutes. 1938 - The Žilina Agreement, proclaimed by the executive committee of Hlinka's Slovak People's Party, announces the right to self-determination of the Slovak nation - the autonomy of Slovakia 1939 - Adolf Hitler makes an offer of peace to Great Britain and France, which is later rejected. 1944 Soldiers of the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps crossed the Czechoslovak Army in the Carpathian - Dukel operation. border and entered the territory of Czechoslovakia. The Soviet Red Army entered Hungary 1952 - Premiere of the detective play Agatha Christie The Mousetrap in London 1961 - President Kennedy advises American citizens to build anti-nuclear shelters in the event of an atomic confrontation with the Soviet Union 1973 - Jomki begins with an attack by 80,000 Egyptian troops as part of Operation Badr on the Bar Lev Line on the banks of the Suez Canal, and by an attack by Syrian tank troops on Israeli positions in the Golan Heights.

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