October 8


October 25, 2021

October 8 is the 281st day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (282nd in the leap year). There are 84 days left until the end of the year.



1604 - A supernova called Kepler's supernova is first seen and recorded by Jan Kepler in Prague 1893 The construction of the Church of St. Ludmila by architect Josef Mocker was completed in Královské Vinohrady in Prague At the congress of Young Bohemian confidants in Pardubice, Adolf Stránský informs about his intention to publish a daily in Brno, which would become the Moravian equivalent of Národní listy. 1941 - The Sokol organization is banned in the Protectorate of the Czech Republic. The Nazis arrested more than 1,500 Sokol members. 1950 - The Czechoslovak hockey team is convicted in a fabricated two-day trial for planned immigration. Bohuslav Modrý and Vlastimil Bubník got 14 years, the others less. 1989 - Citizens of East Germany apply to travel to the GDR in Prague. There were already 4,000 people in the building of the German Embassy 1999 The Prazdroj and Radegast breweries were bought by the South African concern SABMiller Klaus's ODS declares for the first time that the time has come for a change of government, and talks about the end of the opposition agreement with the CSSD. 2008 - Pavel Vrba became the football coach of Viktoria Plzeň 2012 - Police detained Marek Dalík in the case of the purchase of Pandur armored vehicles, but the judge refused to take him into custody 2016 - After counting the votes in the regional elections, it turned out that the CSSD is also losing voter support more than it thought. The Oranges won in only two regions, the winning YES 2011 movement in nine.


0314 - At the Battle of Cibalae, the Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, Constantine, defeated the Emperor of the Eastern Empire, Licinia 0451 - Council of Halkedon opens (end of November 1). 0876 - Louis II The younger German defeated Charles II in the battle of Andernach. 1075 - Dmitar Zvonimir is crowned King of Croatia 1600 - The written constitution of San Marino is adopted. 1619 - Treaty of Munich. The Duke of Bavaria, Maximilian I, undertook to support Emperor Ferdinand II militarily. against the Czech Estates Uprising, for which he was to receive the Upper Palatinate and the Elector's vote taken from Friedrich Palatinate. 1809 - Count Metternich is appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria. In this capacity he significantly influenced the history of Europe until 1848. 1912 - Montenegro declares war on the Ottoman Empire, beginning the first Balkan War. 1939 - World War II: The Third Reich directly annexes western Poland and creates a so-called general gouvernement for the rest. 1941 - World War II: On the Eastern Front, German troops arrive in the Sea of ​​Azov and conquer the port of Mariupol. 1945 - Percy Spencer patents a microwave oven in the USA 1952 - Three trains crash in Harrow, killing 112 people. 1967 - Left-wing guerrilla leader Ernesto Che Guevara and his men are captured in Bolivia and executed without trial the next day. 1991 - The Croatian parliament breaks its last ties with Yugoslavia. 2005 - Around 75,000 people are killed during the Kashmir earthquake.



1811 - Antonín Zvěřina, Member of the Czech Parliament, Mayor of Jičín († April 25, 1885) 1813 - Bedřich of Fürstenberk, Archbishop of Olomouc and Cardinal († 20 August 1892) 1828 - František Chalupa, Czech painter († April 16, 1897) 1831 - Max Scharschmid von Adlertreu, Austrian and Czech lawyer and politician of German nationality († December 27, 1905) 1837 - František Havelec, Member of the Czech Landtag and Imperial Council († March 4, 1879) 1838 Jan Gebauer, bohemian († May 25, 1907) Josefa Náprstková, wife and assistant of Vojtěch Náprstek († September 13, 1907) 1842 - Čeněk Vyhnis, high school professor, classical philologist († March 23, 1897) 1877 - Max Kühn, architect and educator († June 14, 1944) 1878 - Josef Kahler, Czechoslovak politician

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