Anastasius II.


December 3, 2021

Anastasius II. (? Rome - November 16, 498 Rome) was a bishop of Rome from November 24, 496 to November 16, 498. Together with Pope Liberia, they represent the only two popes out of the top 50 who have not been canonized by the Roman Catholic Church.


When the Frankish King Chlodvík was baptized in Reims at Christmas 496. Remigia, did not hesitate Anastasius II. and sent a congratulatory letter to the just baptized king. The event when the first barbarian king converted to Catholicism under Anastasia's pontificate is often considered the day of Reims's birth. By this act, Chlodvík, King of France, became the first of such baptized kings. As a result, he has always been called the "eldest son" and his empire, France, the "eldest daughter" of the church. Simultaneously with this baptism, there is also an event when the Holy Spirit descended in the form of a dove, which carried a sacred vessel with oil, which Chlodvík was to be anointed with. This event is a source of holiness attributed to the French monarchy by its subjects and, after the Great French Revolution, by those who remained faithful to it. Pope Anastasius II he continued the struggle with the Akakian schism that had taken place in the church from earlier times, but insisted that the sacraments given to Akaki's followers were valid. As pope, he also condemned traducianism, which teaches that human souls are in some way passed from parents to children, ie. that souls are not formed by God at the time of conception, as the Roman Church traditionally believes. He is buried in St. Peter's Basilica.

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