Antonín Hudeček


January 24, 2022

Antonín Hudeček (January 14, 1872 Loucká u Ředhoště - August 11, 1941 Častolovice) was a Czech landscape painter.


After graduating from the real grammar school in Roudnice, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague with professors Maximilian Pirner and Václav Brožík from 1887. He devoted himself to figural painting, which he also studied with O. Seitz in Munich from 1891 to 1893. From 1895 he had a studio in Prague and joined - together with Antonín Slavíček - a group of painters who, under the leadership of Julius Mařák, painted landscapes especially around Okor. In 1898 he exhibited at the first exhibition of the Mánes association and in 1900 for the first time in Vienna. In 1902 he traveled with Jan Preisler to Italy and Sicily. He extracted a large number of oil sketches from the trip, according to which he then painted large marinas. He later painted landscapes around Kolín and views of Prague. At the end of 1908 he left for Sicily for the second time, accompanied by his friends the sculptor Jaroslav Vorl and his wife, the opera singer Mariana Vorlová, and until the end of April 1909 he stayed in Syracuse. Hudeček fell in love with Mariana and had an illegitimate son, Jiří. During the war, he stayed with her in Solnohrad, where her later second husband, the sculptor Ladislav Beneš, met them. In 1909, Hudeček painted around Police nad Metují in the Orlické Mountains. He visited the island of Rügen twice, from 1920 he regularly stayed in the Tatras and Banská Bystrica and from 1927 also on Subcarpathian Rus. In 1930 he was appointed a full member of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Arts and received its award for his life's work. In 1940 he received the National Prize for Painting. From 1927 he lived in his villa in Častolovice, where he also died in 1941.


After the first attempts at figural painting and nudes, Hudeček devoted himself fully to painting landscapes, forests and farm buildings. He was influenced by J. Mařák, A. Slavíček and to some extent also by French Impressionism, but his paintings are rather realistic. Hudeček's numerous paintings are still highly valued today.





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