Battle of Jena


October 25, 2021

The Battle of Jena was a clash of the Napoleonic Wars, which took place on October 14, 1806. In the battle, the French Emperor Napoleon defeated the Prussian troops of Prince Hohenlohe, which he thought were the main Prussian army. She was crushed at Auerstedt on the same day. Napoleon had an army of 56,000 men, the Prussian army numbered 64,000 men (according to some sources 72,000 men, including the Saxons).

Battle progress

The battle was launched in thick fog. The Prussian army was scattered on a 20 km wide front between Jena and Weimar. Napoleon occupied the steep height of Landgrafenberg, which controlled the Yen on the left bank of the Hall. The French attacked the Prussian army from the heights and by repeated attacks completely fragmented it. In the morning, the Prussian army was swept away; lost 27,000 men and 112 guns, the French lost only 6,000 soldiers.



Jiří Kovařík: Napoleon's Campaign I.

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