Battle of Rivoli


January 24, 2022

The Battle of Rivoli took place on January 14, 1797 near the town of Rivoli Veronese near Verona. The French army under General Napoleon Bonaparte clashed here against the Austrians. Despite the Austrian numerical superiority, the French won here.


Napoleon had only 10,000 troops on his side and had to wait for reinforcements, but he had an advantageous position on an elevated position and, unlike the Austrians, artillery and cavalry. On January 14, 27,000 Austrians attacked the French, and French reinforcements were slowly approaching. The center resisted, but the French left faded slowly. The French army was in danger of being surrounded by the enemy and without escaping. Bonaparte chose to counterattack, around nine o'clock Massén, supported by Lasall's cavalry, tried to do so and brought confusion to the Austrian ranks. Masséna held out with the men he had until the evening and withstood a large numerical superiority. Meanwhile, an Austrian convoy arrived downstream of the Adige River. Then she hit the French on the right. The cavalry, together with the infantry, opened fire in the immediate vicinity, the Austrians began to flee and in the ensuing chaos they collided and rushed into the gorge. At 1 p.m., the pillar of the Austrian army disintegrated. Lasalle and Leclerc, led by the hussars, completed the work and France won. Massén played an important role that day, and the emperor later recalled that and appointed him Duke of Rivoli. Thanks to this battle, Napoleon conquered Mantua, thus opening the way to Vienna and the Austrians were forced to start peace talks.

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