Blanka Bohdanová


October 25, 2021

Blanka Bohdanová (March 4, 1930 Pilsen - October 3, 2021 Prague) was a Czech actress, painter and artist, theater teacher, member of the National Theater in Prague, winner of the Thalia Award, winner of the František Filipovský Awards (1996, 1997) for dubbing. She has performed in more than 80 roles at the National Theater in Prague over the course of 50 years.


She has been playing theater since her childhood and also longed for art studies at the School of Ceramics, however, due to parental concerns during the Second World War, she graduated from the Pilsen Business Academy. After the war, she went to study at the Brno JAMU. After graduating in 1951, she spent her first theatrical engagement at the Regional East Bohemian Theater in Pardubice (1951–1957), then moved to Prague, where she first performed at the Municipal Theaters in Prague (1957–1960) and later at the E. F. Burian Theater. From 1966–2010 she was a member of the Drama of the National Theater in Prague. She also taught acting at the Prague Conservatory. In 1985, she received the title of Merited Artist. She also devoted herself to painting and graphics, and regularly exhibited her work not only in many places in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. [Source?]





Radio Games

2009 Noëlle Châtelet: The Woman Poppy (La femme coquelicot), dramatization on Czech Radio, translation: Jaromír Janeček, radio adaptation and direction by Lída Engelová, dramaturg Hynek Pekárek. Starring: Blanka Bohdanová and Lída Engelová.




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