Bohemia Energy


October 20, 2021

BOHEMIA ENERGY entity s.r.o. (sometimes referred to as BEe) is a former Czech supplier of electricity and natural gas existing since 2005. After the full liberalization of the energy market, Bohemia Energy was the first alternative supplier to offer both commodities to households. Bohemia Energy is part of the group of the same name, which also consists of Comfort Energy, Europe Easy Energy, X Energie (also former Akcenta Energie), Slovakia Energy, Amper Market. and since November 2020 also Energie ČS. As of 31 December 2020, the entire internationally operating group registered a total of 1.2 million customers.13.10. In 2021, the company announced that it would cease operations.


Bohemia Energy was founded by Jiří Písařík in October 2005 as a supplier of electricity to small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2006, the company also started supplying electricity to households. Among the first clients were customers of the sister company Bohemia TeleKom, which was a supplier of telecommunications services. In 2007, it entered the Slovak market through Slovakia Energy. Since 2009, Bohemia Energy has also been a supplier of natural gas. In addition to companies and households, Bohemia Energy's clients are also municipalities. In January 2013, the company also obtained a license to trade in gas in Austria, which entitles it to enter into gas supply transactions with any of the other 140 traders registered in Austria. In the course of 2013, Bohemia Energy took over two competing companies, České Energetické Centrum Jih s.r.o. and the Czech Energy Center a.s. and gained another 95,000 customers. In November 2015, Bohemia Energy bought a 100% stake in Europe Easy Energy. Since January 2016, Europe Easy Energy has officially become part of the Bohemia Energy energy group. In June 2016, the Office for the Protection of Competition (ÚOHS) approved the takeover of the energy part of the Right Power company, whose customers switched to Bohemia Energy with effect from 1 August. In December, X Energie also became part of the Bohemia Energy energy group. Following this acquisition, the Bohemia Energy energy group had more than one million customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In September 2018, the Office approved the transaction Europe Easy Energy to take over 100% of the shares in Amper Market, which thus became part of the Bohemia Energy group. In November 2020, Energie ČS, a subsidiary of Česká spořitelna for the sale of electricity and gas, became part of the group (it became the property of Europe Easy Energy). The group announced in October 2021 that it would cease its activities.


Development of the number of customers

This is how the number of consumption points (OPM) of Bohemia Energy developed according to the statistics of the market operator OTE in individual years for the commodities electricity and gas. Data are always given at the end of the given period.

Development of company turnover

This is how Bohemia Energy's turnover developed in accordance with the Financial Statements and Annual Reports published in the Collection of Documents within the Commercial Register. The Bohemia Energy Group as a whole reported a 7% year-on-year increase in sales to CZK 23.06 billion in 2020

Charitable activity

In the area of ​​social responsibility, Bohemia Energy focuses primarily on helping and supporting children. He has a long-term cooperation with the organizations Život dětem, Černí koně, the Czech Streetwork Association and Smiling Crodile.


The "We play nothing on you" advertising campaign won a number of awards: IMC Czech Awards 2019, Effie 2019, Effie 2020, IMC European Awards 2019, IMC European Awards 2020, Zlatá pecka 2019. In the ranking of TOP Employers 2020, Bohemia Energy was ranked among the Top 5 employers in the category "Energy & Gas & Petrochemical Industry". Career video Bohemia Energy was ranked

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