Brno Exhibition Grounds


October 25, 2021

The Brno Exhibition Grounds is a Czech exhibition grounds, located about 2 km above sea level. from the center of Brno on the left bank of the Svratka river in the Brno-střed district, in the cadastral area of ​​Pisárky. The owner of the complex is the company Veletrhy Brno, which operates trade fairs, exhibitions, shows, concerts and various other events throughout the year. At present, the exhibition grounds are protected as a cultural monument.


Preparations for the construction of a new trade fair in Brno date back to the times of Austria-Hungary. It was promoted by the Czech Economic Society for the Margraviate of Moravia, which wanted to take advantage of the fact that Brno was one of the industrial centers, especially for the textile industry. She was mainly inspired by the Jubilee Provincial Exhibition in Prague. However, the work was interrupted by World War I. After that, there was a short economic recession caused by the loss of the markets of Austria-Hungary, but already in August 1923, the Moravian Provincial Committee decided to build a new exhibition center. Until then, the Sokol stadium on Kounicova Street was used. Two locations were considered for the exhibition site; the current area in Pisárky and the area near Králova Pole. Land in the Pisárecká basin with an area of ​​58 ha was purchased from a Brno lawyer and businessman Viktor Bauer. The place was known as Bauer's Ramp and Viktor Bauer owned a sugar factory and a field. He himself lived nearby in today's Hlinky Street No. 39/41. In 1923, an architectural competition was announced for the urban design of the exhibition center, in which a total of eleven designs entered. In 1924, the Czechoslovak government decided to build the complex. The architectural concept of the complex and the main pavilion is based on the winning competition design by the Prague architect Josef Kalous from 1924. A new urban plan by the Brno architect Emil Králík was used in the implementation. Kalous's design provided for two main axes that extend from both sides of today's Pavilion A into the exhibition grounds. There was to be an extensive garden in the area of ​​Pavilion Z, and a new stadium was then to be built on the site of the former Tuzex department store. Construction of the complex began in 1927 and lasted 14 months. Among other things, an Exhibition Joint-Stock Company was established to operate the exhibition grounds. The exhibition center was ceremoniously opened on 26 May 1928 with an event entitled "Exhibition of Contemporary Culture in Czechoslovakia" (on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic). An extensive exhibition was foreseen, however, several years ago. In 1924, Jan Máša proposed that an annual magnificent exhibition be established for the 10th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic. The event presented the functioning of the Czechoslovak state; it was also to promote the successes that Czechoslovakia had achieved abroad in the first ten years. On August 31, 1929, President Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk also visited the industrial exhibition. Brno acquired one of the most important functionalist building complexes of its time in the 360,000 m² exhibition center (area in pavilions over 30,000 m²). The individual pavilions were the work of well-known architects - for example, the leading Czech architect Bohuslav Fuchs designed several pavilions, the only one of which has survived, the pavilion of the city of Brno. The AVU pavilion was designed by the well-known Czech architect Josef Gočár. The exhibits also included several modern houses on the slope above the exhibition grounds. In the south side at the entrance gate there were three functionalist pavilions with brick walls: the Brno Pavilion, the Morava Pavilion and the Prague City Pavilion. The first two have survived to the present day, however, they are no longer used for exhibition purposes. Although the Great Depression took place shortly after the exhibition, fairs were held at the new exhibition center in Brno in the number of 2-3 events per year. Trade fair operator, kt

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