May 28, 2022

Carnivoramorpha is a designation for the placental mammal clade, which includes the order Carnivores and their extinct tribal relatives. Excludes the Creodont group.


Traditional classification: klad Carnivoramorpha [Carnivora + related groups, but without creodonts] order of Carnivore suborder Caniformia suborder Feliformia Incertae sedis: genus † Palaeogale Superfamily † Miacoidea family † Miacidae family † Viverravidae Incertae sedis † Sinopa insectivorus Incertae sedis genus † Ictidopappus genus † Ravenictis † Carnivoramorpha sp. (UALVP 31176) Recent studies suggest that the superfamily Miacoidea and the family Miacidae are paraphyletic, with miacides being more closely related to beasts than viverravids. In 2010, Flynn, Finarelli & Spaulding identified a new Carnivoraformes stack within the Carnivoramorph clade, which includes representatives of true carnivores and miacides, but excludes viverravids (these are apparently a monophyletic group). Systematics below: klad Carnivoramorpha klad Carnivoraformes Superfamily † Viverravoidea family † Viverravidae Incertae sedis: genus † Ravenictis † Carnivoramorpha sp. (UALVP 31176) † Carnivoramorpha sp. (UALVP 50993 & UALVP 50994) † Carnivoramorpha sp. (USNM 538395) † Sinopa insectivorus



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