Eduard Parma


August 14, 2022

Eduard Parma (January 10, 1950 – August 1, 2022) was a Czech music composer, arranger, producer, bass guitarist, pioneer of synthesizer music, house music and new wave music. The song "King Kong in Hong Kong" is known as the first attempt at rap.


He was the son of the composer, trumpeter and well-known Prague bandleader Eduard Parma the Elder (1929–2010). He graduated in clarinet at the State Conservatory in Prague in 1974. In the years 1969–1974, he worked as a bassist in Petr Spálený's group Apollobeat. In the years 1976–1979, he led his own Orchestra of Eduard Parma Jr., which accompanied the singers Jiří Korn and Hana Buštíková. He composed several songs for Korn, e.g. "Ulice Váci" (text by Miroslav Černý). They recorded five LPs together. In 1979, his composition "You're My Voodoo" (English text by Miloš Skalka, known in the Czech Republic as "Žal se odkládka"), interpreted by Jiří Korn, won four prizes at the Cavan International Song Contest song festival in Ireland. In 1981, Parma moved to Great Britain. He won the New Talent Spot competition of singer Lynsey de Paul, and the Capital Radio London competition with the song "King Kong In Hong Kong". At the same time, the song "Daisy" was released in England, with which he and Jiří Korn participated in the Irish festival Castlebar Intl. Song Contest. In 1988, he performed at the legendary Marquee club with the group Times Square. As a writer and producer, he broke into the first place of the UK demo chart with the song "I Think I Was A Megastar", performed by Baron von Geriatrix. For the SOKIT record label, he acquired rapper Gene Jackson, with whom he formed the duo Cutmaster and M.C. Groove. They performed together at the London discotheque Hippodrome and the song "Rip it off. Grils" was repeatedly aired on Peter Watermann's TV show The Hitman and Her. The Times Square music video for the song "Paradise" was aired several times on the BSB TV channel. He also recorded music for TV commercials for Saatchi and Saatchi, e.g. Skittles, Widgets. His recordings appeared on LP compilations alongside songs by Ofra Hazy or Depeche Mode. Eduard Parma founded the recording studio SOKIT (Soul Kitchen Production), in which Edwin Starr, Jimmy Ross, Adamski and others recorded. In 1991, the SOKIT studio was transferred to Prague. Eduard Parma and his brother Jindřich Parma founded the company Parma Productions, released three titles: Cutmaster & M.C.Groove, Times Square featuring Chris Kiely, Hippodrome II. He continues to record and produce music. At the same time, he releases music on his label SOKIT Records, where eight titles have been released, and he is engaged in teaching activities. Parma's orchestral compositions are successful, for example, in Norway (Life and Times by Al Capone, Weekend Flirt, Big Bum Riddle, Bricklayer's Burp Polka, Fun Times Fun, Laugh Life of Monica K.), in China and in Japan (Superstar, Swing Pink , Greetings).


Tracks: "Grief is postponed" (You're My Voodoo) - Jiří Korn "Have Faith" - Title song from Rain Buddies II, Indian Princess Leoncie "King Kong in Hong Kong" - Eduard Parma Jnr. "Long Line of Lovers" - Edwin Starr "Magic Love Affair" - Blondes In 1995, the song "Magic Love Affair" performed by the group Blondes was the most played title of 1995 on radio Zlatá Praha. In 2003, "Naši pivní borci" with lyricist Michal Stein made it into the selection of the 10 best songs of the Czech Republic at Euro 2003. After 2000, he also produced dozens of children's CD titles: Mašinka, Autíčko, Okolo Hradec, Večerníčky and e.g. Children's Jokes and Anecdotes with Josef Fousek, as well as 10 CDs of Tales by H.K. Anderssen with Jitka Molavcová, for which he also composed the music. In 2011 there was a successful advertisement for Slovakia Chips in Slovakia and in 2012 he released the controversial video "Where's my girl". The song "Chodím Bosa" from the CD Markéta Z. scored in 2015 on the Hitparadá R