Francis (Pope)


May 28, 2022

Francis (Latin Franciscus), real name Jorge Mario Bergoglio SJ (* December 17, 1936 Buenos Aires), is the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church, Bishop of Rome and Sovereign of the Vatican State, elected by the Conclave on March 13, 2013. He became the first pope from of the American continent and the first of the Society of Jesus (Ignatius order or Jesuits). It is also the first pope born outside Europe since the 8th century, the time of the pontification of St. Gregory III. (He came from Syria). The high school education is chemist. At the age of 21, he joined the Society of Jesus, where he studied philosophy, theology and social sciences, taught and obtained the title of professor of theology. In the meantime, from 1973 to 1979, he served as a Jesuit provincial in Argentina. From 1998 until his election as pope, he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires and Argentine Primate, and since 2001 Cardinal. His episcopal and papal motto is Miserando atque eligendo (He looked at him with mercy and chose him.). On the archbishopric's website, he linked the choice of his motto to the Gospel story of the vocation of the customs officer Matthew according to the 21st homily of the Venerable. He is a fan of the Argentine football club CA San Lorenzo de Almagro, where his father played.

Origin and youth

He was born in Buenos Aires to Italian immigrants as the eldest of five children. His siblings were Alberto Horacio (1942–2010), Oscar Adrian, Marta Regina and Maria Elena; their father Mario José (Giuseppe) Bergoglio (1908–1959) was born in the village of Portacomaro in northern Italy. Before the onset of fascism, he left for Argentina in 1928 and worked there as a railway worker. On December 12, 1935, Regina María Sívori († 1981) became his wife. She was born in Buenos Aires to Italian immigrants. At the age of 21, his upper right lung was removed due to an infectious disease. He spent his childhood in the Flores district of the suburbs of Buenos Aires. The Argentine nuns remember him as a restless street man, he was said to be a little devil, like every little boy. He was popular with them and had a close friendship with his sister Dolores, visiting her regularly in the last days of her life, and after her death he spent the night in tears and refusing to eat or drink. In a book interview, El Jesuita (Jesuit), published in 2010 by journalists Sergio Rubín and Francesca Ambrogetti, he states that as a young man he liked to dance tango, that he also worked as a bouncer. He likes classical literature, and his favorite film is the Danish drama Babetta's Feast. he wrote to her at the time that she was the only one for him and that if he did not marry her, he would become a priest. The letter was illustrated with a picture of a house with a red roof, in which they will live together. Amalia's father banned his daughter from the relationship, so she did not even respond to the letter. Amalia Demonte herself confirmed the story of her childhood years later in an interview with the English daily The Daily Telegraph. Her father allegedly hit her when she wanted to write her off to Jorge. Her parents then prevented her from making any further contact with him. She herself did not know infatuation at the time. The current pope has nothing to hide in the innocent and pure relationship between the two children.

Study, work in the order and academic work

He graduated from the chemical-industrial high school. He then joined the Jesuit order in March 1958 at the age of 21 during his stay in Santiago de Chile. During his stays in the houses in various places in Chile and Argentina, he continued to study several fields, including social sciences. He was enrolled to study at the Colegio Máximo San José Faculty of Theology, based in the suburb of Buenos Aires San Miguel. He completed his philosophy studies