František Plass


May 20, 2022

František Plass (April 18, 1944 - May 5, 2022) was a Czech footballer and coach, a Czechoslovak national team member. He was twice married. He had two sons and lived in the Town of Touškov in the Plzeň-sever district.

Football career

He played eleven matches for the Czechoslovak national team in 1968–1972. He made a significant contribution to advancing to the World Cup in Mexico in 1970, but was not nominated for the championship. He also won the position of national team stopper as a player of the less successful Škoda Plzeň, which was also a second league player during his national team career. He played in it in 1963–1976. He spent the last season of his career (1976-1977) in the Red Star of Cheb. The Czech sports journalist and historian Zdeněk Šálek wrote about him in the encyclopedia Famous Feet: “A tall, technically equipped and clearly playing player. Due to his excellent physical pool, unwavering will to follow every ball and his ability to orient himself in the birth of promising and often key situations, he became a classic free agent in the back row. He performed the function of libero perfectly in the parent club, but with less luck in the national team. Nevertheless, he played many interstate matches with full success. "

League balance

Coaching career

He started his coaching career at RH Cheb, which continued in Škoda Plzeň, Chmel Blšany, Dukla Praha and Armaturka Ústí.



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