December 3, 2021

Frederik Willem de Klerk (March 18, 1936, Johannesburg - November 11, 2021, Cape Town) was the President of the Republic of South Africa and the Nobel Peace Prize winner. Together with Nelson Mandela, he participated in the destruction of the policy of racial segregation, so-called apartheid in South Africa.


His father was a long-time senator and minister Johannes de Klerk, who in April 1975 briefly became the country's state president. Frederik Willem de Klerk graduated from high school in Krugersdorp, then successfully graduated from Potchefstroom University in 1958, majoring in law. He then ran a law firm in Vereeniging, for which he was also elected to parliament in 1969. In 1978, he became a member of the South African government, where he spent 11 years in various positions.

Presidential term

De Klerk became president on September 15, 1989. After taking office, he convicted apartheid, released Nelson Mandela, who had been imprisoned for life in 1964, and allowed the African National Congress to resume political activity.

Illness and death

According to the announcement of March 19, 2021, F. W. de Klerk was diagnosed with mesothelioma. He died of the disease after several months of sleep at his home in Cape Town at the age of 85. Immediately after his death, the strongest South African opposition party, the far-left Economic Freedom Fighters, announced that the former president did not deserve a state funeral because he headed a "bad regime." .


In addition to the Nobel Peace Prize, he has received other awards, which he has received for his political work: Prix ​​du Courage Internationale Philadelphia Liberty Medal Peace Awards Félix Houphouët-Boigny UNESCO.


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