Common Authority File


August 13, 2022

Gemeinsame Normdatei (GND) is a set of international authorities (library entries) divided into seven top-level entities established together with the Library of Congress (Integrated Authority File). The file is maintained by the German National Library together with all German library associations and other institutions. Gemeinsame Normadatei was put into practice in April 2012, when it replaced the separate files of personal authorities (Personennamendatei, PND), corporate authorities (Gemeinsame Körperschaftsdatei, GKD), password authorities (Schlagwortnormdatei, SWD) and a special file of the Deutsches Musikarchiv music archive (Einheitssachtitel) used in Germany -Datei des Deutschen Musikarchivs, DMA-EST-Datei). The file is published under a Creative Commons Zero CC0 license. The GND specification offers both a hierarchy of top-level entities and their subclasses, but useful for library classification and unambiguous identification of individual elements. But it also knows the ontology for representing knowledge in the Semantic Web, as defined in the Resource Description Framework.

GND of the top level entity

GND records are divided into seven basic entities: 4,628,000 Personennamen (nicht individualisiert, no type) - personal names (names not assigned to a specific person) 2,882,000 Personen (individualisiert, type p) – personal authorities 1,172,000 Körperschaften (type k) – corporate authorities 587,000 Kongresse/Veranstaltungen (type v) – congresses/events 293,000 Geography (type g) - geographic authorities 202,000 Sachbegriffe (type s) – material authorities 193,000 Werke (type w) – authorities describing works

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