August 13, 2022

Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands. It lies in the English Channel between the coasts of France and Britain. The island of Guernsey has an area of ​​78 km2 and a population of 65,228. It is administratively divided into 10 parishes. The capital is Saint Peter Port with 16,300 inhabitants. Guernsey, together with several other smaller islands, represents a British crown dependency, officially called the Bailiwick of Guernsey, in Czech the Bailiwick of Guernsey. It has its own currency (the Guernsey pound), laws and a parliament with extensive autonomy. The highest official, presiding over the parliament (English States of Guernsey, Guernseyské stavy) and the court, bears the traditional title of bailiff (Bailiff). In addition, there is also the office of the Governor (Lieutenant Governor), which today has only a symbolic meaning, since the British government is practically only responsible for the defense and diplomatic representation of the islands. In addition, the islands of Alderney and Sark have their own independent constitution within the possession of Guernsey. Guernsey thus includes the islands: Alderney (7.9 km², population 2,400) Sark (5.5 km², 610 inhabitants) Herm (2 km², 60 inhabitants) Brecqha Burgh They go Liquor

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