Henry Thomas Buckle


December 3, 2021

Henry Thomas Buckle (November 24, 1821, Lee, Kent - May 29, 1862, Damascus, Syria) was an English historian and sociologist and also a strong chess player.

Buckle as a historian and sociologist

Henry Thomas Buckle was a representative of the so-called environmental (geographical) determinism, according to which the peculiarities of the historical development of individual nations are given by natural factors such as landscape, soil, climate, the nature of the diet, etc. According to Buckle, the main factor in historical development is the progress of thought and the accumulation of practical knowledge (there is no moral progress). 1861 only a comprehensive introduction, because on his travels in holy places he became infected with typhus in Damascus in 1862, on which he died at the age of forty-one.

Czech editions

History of Education in England, František Borový, Prague 1886, translated by Jan Váňa, History of Education in England, Rozhledy, Prague 1896-1897, translated by Josef Pecl, part two and three, Outline of the history of education in France and Spain, Edvard Grégr, Prague 1900, translated by Jan Váňa.

Buckle as a chess player

Buckle was a fairly strong amateur chess player. For example, he defeated Henry Edward Bird 9: 7 ( 0) in 1847, Lionel Kieseritzky 3: 2 ( 3) in 1848, and Johann Jacob Löwenthal in 1851 ( 1). In 1849, Buckle won a closed tournament at London's Divan Chess Café by twelve members of its chess club. He made it to the three-member final and defeated John. R. Medleyho 1: 0 and Georg Webb Medley also 1: 0. This tournament is considered the first modern chess tournament and was also the first in the world to record documentaries. After 1851, Buckle stopped playing chess and focused entirely on preparing his historical work, The History of Education in England.


1 John R. Medley, English chess player, brother of George Webb Medley, no further information


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