Hilda the Wise


December 3, 2021

Hilda Múdra, née Hildegard Klimpel (January 1, 1926, Vienna, Austria - November 22, 2021) was a Slovak figure skating coach of Austrian origin. She married Jozef Múdrý in 1947, and has lived in Bratislava ever since. For fifteen years, her trustee was the most successful Slovak figure skater, Olympic champion Ondrej Nepela. She also led Jozef Sabovčík, Marian Filo, Agnes Búřilová and others. The international championships of special figure skating olympiads called the Hilda the Wise Cup were named in her honor. In 2000, she received the award for the best Slovak athlete of the 20th century from President Rudolf Schuster for Ondrej Nepela.


International Olympic Committee Ethics Award Cena Pierre de Coubertina


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