October 25, 2021

IDET is an international trade fair for defense and security technology, which takes place at the Brno Exhibition Grounds in Brno. The fair is held once every two years, always in an odd year. It was first held in 1993. According to the organizers, it is intended to support the export of Czech representatives of the defense and security industry. The Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic and the Army of the Czech Republic are strongly represented at the fair. The fair was previously inaccessible to the public, since 2013 it has been open to it. IDET has long met with criticism, especially for the fact that its participants are regularly states violating human rights, to which the Czech Republic exports weapons. It has also long been accompanied by protests for its abolition.

Controversies and protests

There are controversies associated with IDET, for which it is regularly criticized by activists and human rights defenders. The fair is usually attended by states that have long violated human rights or prolonged war conflicts. In the past, IDET has been attended by, for example, Turkey, Russia, China, Azerbaijan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Belarus, Mexico, Brazil, Yemen, Ghana, Colombia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. In 2017, the main partner of the fair was Turkey, despite the long-term poor human rights situation. In January of the same year (before the fair), UN observers confirmed the inhuman treatment and torture in Turkish prisons, where opponents of the regime, especially journalists, human rights defenders and opposition politicians, are being held without a fair trial. mines the use, storage and sale of which are prohibited by the Ottawa Convention. The exhibitor was the Czech armory of Poličská strojírna. The same company exported $ 2.5 million worth of bloody civil war, tanks, rocket launchers and ammunition to Sri Lanka in 2001. In the past, the Chinese company NORINCO, associated with the production of land anti-personnel mines, the sale of weapons to the military junta in Burma or the supply of Kalashnikov submachine guns, rocket launchers and portable anti-aircraft missiles to the US black market, also exhibited at the fair. happenings, demonstrations or piety for victims of wars. Their organizers draw attention to the problematic nature of the Czech arms export policy and the connection of IDET with undemocratic regimes and problematic companies. In 2017, the Stop IDET initiative also handed over an open letter to the Brno City Council, which was signed by 15 organizations and 151 individuals. In it, she demanded that the city not provide exhibition grounds for arranging arms deals in countries where human rights were violated.



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