The Imjan War


July 1, 2022

The Imjin War was a war between Japan and the Korean-Chinese alliance from 1592–1598. By the early 1590s, the Japanese warlord and politician Hideyoshi Toyotomi had united the entire country under his rule. However, the rule over Japan was not enough for his ambitions, so he decided to conquer Ming China. He appealed to the Korean government for an alliance and to allow the passage of the Japanese army into China. However, Korea recognized its vassal dependence on China and rejected the Japanese. The Japanese government responded to this by preparing an invasion of Korea. Japanese troops landed in Korea in 1592. The ill-prepared Korean army did not put up much resistance and the Japanese advanced quickly, after only twenty days they occupied Seoul and continued further north. However, the occupation of the country provoked a wave of popular resistance, which grew into a regular guerrilla war. The victories of the Korean navy led by Admiral I Sun-sin in the summer and autumn of 1592 played a very important role in the organization of the resistance. The Korean land army also rose up, and in addition, at the beginning of 1593, the Chinese government sent a large corps led by General Li Zhu-sung to help the Koreans . By May 1593, Sino-Korean troops had pushed most of the invaders out of Korea. In 1593, the Japanese agreed to negotiate an armistice in order to buy time for a new offensive. But the next invasion in 1597 was not successful either, and by the end of the next year the Japanese were defeated.


This article used a translation of the text from the Russian Wikipedia article Имджинская война.


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