Jan Graubner


May 21, 2022

Jan Bosco Graubner (* August 29, 1948, Brno) is a Catholic bishop, appointed by the 37th Archbishop of Prague and the 25th Primate of Bohemia. In the years 1992 – 222022 he served as the 14th Archbishop of Olomouc and Metropolitan of Moravia. From 2000 to 2010, he was chairman of the Czech Bishops' Conference and was re-elected for the second time on April 28, 2020. On May 13, 2022, he was appointed Archbishop of Prague. He will be enthroned on July 2, 2022. The Archdiocese of Olomouc was taken over in 1991 after the death of Archbishop Vaňák, first as an auxiliary bishop, which he had been since 1990, and a year later Pope John Paul II. appointed resident archbishop. He is considered a representative of the conservative wing of the Catholic Church. But he does not consider himself a conservative.


Family and education

Born in Brno, he grew up in Strážnice as one of five siblings (he has two sisters and two brothers). He graduated from the General Education School here in 1967 and then worked as a laborer in Gottwald for a year to acquire "workers' origins". In 1968 he began his studies in theology in Olomouc, and was ordained a priest on June 23, 1973.


Between 1973 and 1982 he worked as a chaplain in Zlín and Valašské Klobouky. From 1982 to March 1990, he was a parish priest in Vizovice, and also worked as an excurrendo administrator in Provodov (Malenisko) and Horní Lhota.


On March 17, 1990, he was appointed Titular Bishop of Tagari and Assistant Bishop of Olomouc. He was consecrated on April 7 of the same year by Archbishop Vaňák and Bishops Otčenášek and Cikrl. He chose the phrase Quod dixerit vobis facite as his episcopal motto. After the death of František Vaňák, he took over the administration of the diocese as an auxiliary bishop and was later appointed archbishop of Olomouc on September 28, 1992. He took over the administration of the diocese on November 7, 1992. He continued his predecessor's efforts to restore diocesan structures and institutions destroyed during communist oppression. As part of the renewal of church education, he founded or renewed a number of church schools, such as the then Cyril and Methodius Grammar School (1992), VOŠS Caritas (1995), and Stojan's Grammar School (2001). He initiated the establishment of the Three Kings Collection. From January 25, 2000 to March 24, 2010, he was the chairman of the Czech Bishops' Conference, and from March 24, 2010, he was its vice-chairman. On April 28, 2020, he was elected to the position of ČBK chairman for the second time after Cardinal Dominic Duke. He is also its delegate for charitable activities. He was the chairman of the preparatory commission of the Plenary Assembly of the Catholic Church in the Czech Republic. On May 17, 2015, he concelebrated with Stanisław Cardinal Dziwisz in the Basilica of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary on Svatý Kopeček near Olomouc, a solemn commemorative mass on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the visit of St. John Paul II and his meeting with youth. The gathering of believers, during which he was in the relic cabinet near the altar of St. Victor stored reliquary with the rest - blood - St. John Paul II, greeted the Holy Father by Pope Francis through a television broadcast from Rome. During the coronavirus epidemic of 2020, he celebrated Mass several times in the Telepace Chapel in Ostrava, live on TV Noe. In the fall of 2020, he contracted coronavirus, was hospitalized, and in his own words, his condition was very serious: "I was on the verge of eternity." After several weeks of hospitalization, he recovered.

Archbishop of Prague

On May 13, 2022, Pope Francis appointed him 37th Archbishop of Prague, although he would reach the age of 75 in a year. At the time of his appointment, Jan Graubner became the administrator of the Olomouc Archdiocese, and will remain so until July 2, 2022, when he assumed the office of Archbishop of Prague.

Academic activity

Since 1999, he has been the chairman of the board of directors of Palacký University in Olomouc, where the Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology