Jorge Costa


October 25, 2021

Jorge Paulo Costa Almeida (* October 14, 1971, Porto) is a former Portuguese footballer. He mostly took on the position of middle defender. He is currently the coach of the Gabonese national team. He won a bronze medal with the Portuguese national team at the 2000 European Championships. He also participated in the World Championships in Japan and South Korea in 2002. He played a total of 50 matches for the national team. years of 1991. With FC Porto he won the UEFA Champions League 2003/04, the UEFA Cup 2002/03 and the Intercontinental Cup 2004. He played a total of 92 matches in the European Cups and scored 4 goals. With Porto he became the champion of Portugal eight times (93, 95, 96, 97, 98 , 99, 03, 04) and won the Portuguese Cup five times (94, 98, 00, 01, 03).



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