Keith Primeau


December 3, 2021

Keith Primeau (born November 24, 1971, Toronto) is a former Canadian hockey striker and is currently the head coach of the Philadelphia Revolution.

Player career

In his NHL career, he has played for the Philadelphia Flyers (99-06), Carolina Hurricanes (97-99), Hartford Whalers (96-97) and Detroit Red Wings (90-96). He was drafted in 1990 as the 1st Detroit Red Wings election and overall as the 3rd. The player represented his homeland several times at the World Cup and the Olympics. He scored a total of 619 points in the basic part in 909 matches for 266 goals and 353 assists. In the playoffs, he scored 57 points in 18 matches for 18 goals and 39 assists. He was also captain of the Carolina Hurricanes (1998-2000) and Philadelphia Flyers (01-06). In the 2003/2004 season, he excelled in a great playoffs, with 16 points from 18 games making Philadelphia the captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning Conference.

Awards and achievements

1990 OHL - Second All-Star Team 1990 OHL - Eddie Powers Memorial Trophy 1999 NHL - All-Star Game 2001 Philadelphia Flyers - Yanick Dupre Memorial 2003 Philadelphia Flyers - Toyota Cup 2004 NHL - All-Star Game


On May 5, 2000, he ended the longest game in NHL playoff history at 92:01.

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