Konrád I. Brněnský


January 24, 2022

Konrád I. Brněnský (ca. 1035 - September 6, 1092, Prague), son of Břetislav I. and Jitka of Svinibrod (Schweinfurt), was a prince of the Brno estate (1055–1056 and 1061–1092) and a Czech prince (1092) of the Přemyslid dynasty . Conrad was the brother of Prince Spytihněv II, King Wrocław II, Ota Olomoucký and Bishop Jaromír.

Establishment of fates in Moravia

Shortly before his death, Břetislav I. established the successor order of the elders, when the oldest Přemyslid was to become the Czech prince, and divided Moravia into northern and southern parts. After the death of Prince Břetislav I. and the arrival of his son Spytihněv II. Konrád took over the administration of one of the parts of divided Moravia to the Czech throne and settled in Brno (his brother Vratislav, the future Czech prince and king, lived in Olomouc, his brother Ota, lived in Olomouc). When the Moravian princes opposed his methods at the beginning of Spytihněv's reign, the Czech prince pulled out against Moravia. Conrad and Ota took him to court, Konrad became the supreme hunter, the Moravian fates were abolished.

Brother Jaromír's support

After the sudden death of Spytihněvov, Wrocław II took over the government. and in 1061 he returned the principalities to the brothers; Ota took over Olomouc. In 1063, Konrád actively participated in the establishment of the diocese in Olomouc. After the death of the Prague bishop Šebíř, Ota and Konrád act in favor of the appointment of their brother Jaromír, as established by their father in his will. Although Wroclaw II. fearing the growing power of his brothers, he faced his own candidate, he had to retreat under the threat of rebellion. Conrad continued against Wrocław's policy and, at his will, took away Podivín Castle from the Olomouc diocese and returned it to the Prague diocese. He acted very harshly against the Bishop of Olomouc, which eventually led to the intervention of the Roman Pope Gregory VII. (1075), which reconciled the two bishops.

The period of the struggle for investiture

The Přemyslids sided with Emperor Henry IV. in the struggles for investiture against Pope Gregory VII. After the penitent meeting of Henry and Gregory in Canosa in 1077, the Austrian Margrave Leopold II opposed the emperor. Babenberg, who began to invade the territory of the Czech state. The combined divisions of Wroclaw, Otto, and Conrad's Leopold defeated the battle of Mailberk on May 12, 1082. In support of the emperor, 1085 was Wroclaw II. declared the Czech king for his person.

Wrocław's campaign in Moravia

After the death of Ota Olomoucký in 1087, his widow Euphemia Uherská went to protect Konrád and Konrád gained the whole of Moravia. Opponents of the growing Moravia, led by Zderad, provoked Wrocław to make a new campaign against Moravia. Olomouc was conquered, where the prince appointed his firstborn from Boleslav's third marriage to be the prince. Then he besieged Brno, where his son Břetislav stood against his father. When Zderad was killed in a rush, Břetislav's party gained the upper hand in the army and Wrocław had to retreat in this difficult situation. In accordance with the order of the elders of his father, King Vratislav Konrád I of Brno declared his successor. Prince Břetislav left the country before his father's anger.

Reign time

Konrád won the title of Czech prince after the death of his brother Wrocław II. in 1092, he sat on the throne on January 20, t. His brief reign was marked by a single incident, when he tried to reunite the dioceses of Prague and Olomouc and sent a message to the emperor. In the meantime, however, he confirmed both bishops in office, so Konrád had no choice but to consecrate the Easter holidays of 1092 with both bishops in Vyšehrad in mutual agreement. His death after eight months on September 6, 1092 marked the end of a period of 37 years, during which Břetislav's sons ruled in Bohemia.


With his wife Virpirka, Countess of Tengling, Konrad I had two sons: Oldrich

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