Libuše Billová


October 25, 2021

Libuše Billová (May 5, 1934 in Brno - September 22, 2021) was a Czech actress and drummer.


She came from a musical family, was the daughter of a music director and started herself in Kühn's choir. She studied at JAMU in 1954–1956 with professors Antonín Kurš and Jaroslav Lokš. Her year was one of the strongest - her classmates include, for example, Jiří Brož, Ladislav Lakomý, Jaroslav Dufek, Josef Somr and others. After two seasons in Český Těšín, she became a member of the Mrštík Brothers Theater in the 1958/59 season. She has played about a hundred roles here, the audience knows her, for example, from the productions of Madame Sans Géne, Mrs. Minister, Maryša, As a Grape in the Steamy Sun, The Evening of the Three Kings and many others. We could still see her here at least in 2014. In addition to her theatrical career, she worked in radio and especially in dubbing - mainly dubbing Gábi from the Hungarian animated series Smolík. In 2006 she won the František Filipovský Award for her lifelong championship in dubbing. Her husband was the actor Maxmilián Hornyš (1927–2015).


The Hungers (1987) The Magic Bag (1996) Double Role (1999) Autumn Return (2001) She also played a number of roles in television films and series (Bachelors, Gendarmerie Humor, Winemakers).



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