Margaret II


January 24, 2022

Margaret II, born Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid, (* April 16, 1940 Copenhagen) has been Queen of Denmark since 1972. Her motto is "Guds hjælp, folkets kærlighed, Danmarks styrke" (God's help, the love of the people, the power of Denmark). Prior to her accession to the throne, she studied law, history, political science, economics, archeology and sociology in Copenhagen, Cambridge, Aarhus, Paris and London.


Princess Margrethe was born in Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen to her parents, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Ingrid. She was baptized on May 14, 1940. Since King Christian X was also King of Iceland at the time, the Icelandic name, rhórhildur, was also given to the princess in honor of the Icelandic people. Her godparents were King Christian X, Prince Knut of Denmark, Prince Axel of Denmark, King Gustav V. of Sweden, Swedish Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Västerbotten, Duke of Connaught, Queen Alexandrina of Denmark, Princess Thyra of Denmark, Crown Princess Luisa of Sweden, Harald Dánský, Princess Helena Dánská, Princess Patricia of Connaught, Duchess of Crown Princess Cecilia of Prussia and Princess Markéta of Bourbon-Parma. In 1967, she married French diplomat Henri de Laborde de Monpezat, with whom she has two sons: heir to the throne Frederik and Prince Joachim. She was widowed in February 2018.


Margaret II became Queen of Denmark in 1972, after the death of her father, King Frederick IX. In her New Year's Eve speech in 1984, the Queen of Denmark reminded her people to remember good reception and friendly treatment of immigrants. The topics of tolerance, immigration and freedom of speech also appeared in her speech in 2006. Queen Margaret speaks Danish, French, Swedish, Norwegian, English and German. She illustrated the Danish edition of J. R. R. Tolkien's book The Hobbit or the Way There and Back. He is also involved in fashion design. Queen Margaret II is the 1188th Lady of the Order of the Golden Fleece (Spanish) and the 961st Lady of the Garter Order. She also received the Danish Order of the Elephant and the Greenland Medal Nersornaat.

Political role

The Kingdom of Denmark is a constitutional monarchy, which means that the monarch is not entitled to make independent political decisions. The queen must confirm every legislative decision, and only then can they become law, which, on the contrary, become final if approved by the cabinet. As head of state, the queen stands for the formation of a new government. Her official title is Queen of Denmark. The Queen has only the title of Queen of Denmark, since after her accession to the throne in 1972 she abandoned the use of other titles of the Danish king. In the years 1513–1972, the kings were named only Kristián or Frederik.

Personal life

Margaret II she refuses to use her cell phone and internet and says she is very happy without them. She smokes three packs of cigarettes a day. She became the target of criticism for setting a bad example for her subjects, so in 2006 she announced that she would no longer smoke in public.


During her lifetime, she received a number of honors and titles, both before her accession to the throne and during her reign. Mj. became the 1188th Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece and the 7th Lady of the Garter Order awarded since 1901. He is also the Colonel-in-Chief of the British Royal Regiment of the Princess of Wales. On the occasion of her 50th birthday on April 16, 1990, an area in the northeast of Greenland was named after her, Queen Margaret II's Land.


Margaret II is the granddaughter of King Gustav VI of Sweden. and great-granddaughter of British Queen Victoria. Her ancestors also include King William I of the Netherlands, King William III of Prussia. and Russian Tsar Nicholas I.



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