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May 20, 2022

Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton, also known as Lady Mary Victoria Hamilton (December 11, 1850 - May 14, 1922) was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland. She was the great-grandmother of the Prince of Monaco Rainier III, the fashion designer Egon von Fürstenberg, the actress Ira von Fürstenberg and Karel Schwarzenberg. She was born the daughter of William Douglas-Hamilton and Marie Amelia of Baden. Through her maternal grandmother, she was a cousin from the third knee of Napoleon III, a cousin of the Saxon Queen Charles, the Portuguese Queen Stefanie, the Romanian King Charles I and the Countess Mary of Flanders (mother of Albert I of Belgium).


Mary first married on September 21, 1869 in the Château de Marchais, Prince Albert, the only descendant and heir of Charles III. Monaco. Mary gave birth to Albert's only child, son Louis, who became Prince of Monaco after her father's death. The marriage was annulled by the church on January 3, 1880. She married Taszil Festetics for the second time on June 2, 1880. They had four children together: Mária Matild Georgina Festetics de Tolna (May 24, 1881 - March 2, 1953) György Tasziló József Festetics de Tolna (September 4, 1882 - August 4, 1941) Alexandra Olga Eugénia Festetics de Tolna (March 1, 1884 - April 23, 1963) Charles Friderik Mária Festetics de Tolna (January 17, 1888 - January 21, 1951) On many occasions, Mary and her husband chatted with her brother and his great friend, the Prince of Wales.

Titles and titles

December 11, 1850 - September 21, 1869: Lady Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton September 21, 1869 - January 3, 1880: Her Holiness the Hereditary Princess of Monaco January 3, 1880 - June 2, 1880: Lady Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton June 2, 1880 - June 21, 1911: Countess Mary Victoria Festetics de Tolna June 21, 1911 - May 14, 1922: Her Majesty Princess Mary Victoria Festetics de Tolna



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