October 20, 2021

Mirandola is a town in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, located 50 km northwest of Bologna. It has about 24,000 inhabitants.


From 1310 to 1711, the city was an independent duchy under the rule of the Pico family, later it belonged to the Duchy of Modena. An important monument is the castle Castello dei Pico, which survived the siege by papal troops during the war of the League of Cambrai and the pontificate of Julius III. The historic center also houses the town hall from 1468, the Gothic church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Renaissance palace of the Bergomi family, the town theater and the covered shopping gallery. The listed Barchessone Vecchio stud farm on the outskirts of San Martino Spino has been adapted into an ecological education center. Mirandola was severely damaged by the 2012 earthquake in northern Italy, which claimed 17 lives.


Mirandola, together with the neighboring municipalities of Concordia sulla Secchia, Medolla and San Possidonio, form a center of biomedical research in Italy, comparable in importance to the Silicon Valley. Carrozzeria Barbi, a company specializing in the production of buses, is also based here. The food industry is also important; There are ponds with black catfish and carp in the vicinity, and melons, sugar beets, corn, tomatoes and apples of the Campanino variety are grown on the fertile soil of the Po Valley. Local cuisine includes lambrusco wine, bensone pastries, parmesan cheese and zampone sausage specialties. Near the town is a protected area Valli mirandolesi with the largest Italian population of mud tern.


The philosopher Pico della Mirandola and the pianist Carlo Andreoli came from here. Carlo Goldoni wrote the play Mirandolina about a peculiar innkeeper speaking the Mirandol dialect.

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