Miroslav Zbirka


December 3, 2021

Miroslav „Meky“ Žbirka (October 21, 1952 Bratislava - November 10, 2021 Prague) was a Slovak singer and composer. He came from a mixed marriage, his mother was English, his father Slovak, he often sang his songs in both languages ​​of his parents. Co-founder of the Modus group, with which he won the Golden Bratislava Lyre together with Ján Lehotský and Marika Gombitová in 1977 for the song Smile. In 1981, together with Lac Lučenič, they left the group Modus and founded the group Limit, with which they embarked on a solo career. In 1982 he became the first Slovak Golden Nightingale; after Waldemar Matušek, he was the second to defeat Karel Gott.


Miroslav Žbirka, also known as Miro or Meky, was the son of Slovak Šimon Žbirka from Trnava Hora and Englishwoman Ruth Gale from London, who met in 1943 in the North London district of Muswell Hill. A year later they married and after the end of World War II they settled in Bratislava. His mother taught Mira English and supported him in music, to which he was introduced by his older brothers Jason and Tony, who were very well versed in new foreign musical directions. Both often played songs by their favorite performers, which strongly influenced and directed their younger brother.

Music career

His music career began at the age of 15, when he founded the band Modus together with his friends. She initially played a cover version of popular hits of the late 1960s, but later began her own work. He left the band in 1973 and played in the Gustav Brom Orchestra and the Gustav Offermann Orchestra. In 1976, he returned to the Modus group. The band won the Bratislava Lyre with the song Smile in 1977. In 1980 he left the band again, released his first solo album Doktor sen and at the same time founded the band Limit together with Lac Lučenič, Lučenič also produced his solo albums. In 1982, Žbirka defeated Karel Gott in the Golden Nightingale poll, and a year later he was second. In 1983 he also won the Bratislava Lyre with the song Nechodí. His successful solo music career continued after 1989, among others in 2002 and 2004 he won the Slovak poll Slávik. His last solo album, Double Album, was released in 2018. Among his most famous hits are the songs White Flower, 22 Days, Ballad of the Wild Birds, Just with Her, The Wall of Our Loves, Zažni, Prvá, Atlantída or Co bolí, to achol, or a duet with Marika Gombitová In Dead Ends. ), the album Modus (41.), which he recorded with the band of the same name.

Personal life

Miroslav Žbirka had a daughter Denisa with his first wife Helga, and a daughter Linda and a son David with his second wife Kateřina. He lived with his family in Prague. He died of pneumonia on November 10, 2021. In 2019, Slovak President Andrej Kiska awarded him the highest Slovak state award, Pribin's Cross, 1st Class.



Original: 1979 Mode 1980 Doctor's dream 1982 Seasonal loves 1983 Years and days 1984 Unfashionable boy 1986 A boy from the street 1988 Fragments of knowledge 1990 K.O. 1994 The obvious world 1997 Mecca 2001 Blue Album 2005 Rainbows 2009 Empathy 2011 Symphonic Album (along with DVD) 2015 Miro 2018 Double albumExport: 1981 Doctor Dream 1982 Miro 1982 Like a Hero 1982 Light of My Life 1983 Giant Step 1984 Dear Boy1989 Step by Step 2006 Greatest Hits 2008 Like a Hero: The Best of MiroChildren: 1993 Songs for Children 1999 Songs for Boys & GirlsConcert: 2004 LiveCompilation: 1985 12 naj ... 1986 20 naj ... 1995 22 days: The Best of Miroslav Žbirka 1999 The Best of Miroslav Žbirka 2 2003 The Best of Miroslav Žbirka: '93 - '03 2006 Gold 2007 22 × 2: The Best of Miroslav Žbirka 2012 Gold Collection

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